Using the MULTECM Utility

For larger operations managing hundreds of ECM stations across a number of different subsidiaries, setting up batch jobs to run simultaneously can get a bit cumbersome.� This is where the ?MULTECM.exe? utility comes in handy.� This tool allows you to continuously run a user-specified number of ECM tasks at the same time.�� As one task is completed, another task automatically takes its place. �

For example, let?s say the server needs to process in data for 100 ECM stations (representing 100 store locations).

  • Start by using a text file to store the command line parameters necessary to process in each of the 100 ECM stations.�� This is basically a master task list.�
  • Then, using a batch file, configure and run the ?MULTECM.exe? utility.
  • The tool will launch the appropriate ECM program and run the specified number of tasks from the master task list.� As tasks are completed, the tool will automatically load more tasks to take their place.� This process continues until all tasks in the master task list are completed.

For more information about the ?MULTECM.exe? utility, contact the Retail Pro Technical Support team (

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Published on Jan 9, 2017 in Technical Bulletin


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