Capturing a HAR File for Retail Pro Prism

A HAR file shows errors and the contents of the messages being sent and received from the server. 

HAR files can be used by Support and Development teams to help trace an error that is occurring in Retail Pro Prism.

When possible, please submit a HAR file with your Webtac.


How to capture a HAR file using Chrome


1: Open the Developer tools for RP Prism.

Developer tools for RP Prism


2: Once the developer tools are open, if you find it easier to undock the Dev Tools window, this can be done by clicking on this button.

Undock the Dev Tools window


3: Make sure you have the Network tab selected. Duplicate your error. You can see the error in the network tab in red.

Error visible in network tab


4: Right click in the Network tab on the results. Select "Save all content as HAR file" and then attach this to your Webtac. Support can use this file to see what information is being sent and received from the RP Prism Server.

Published on Sep 29, 2020 in Performance, Errors


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