Updated: April 8, 2022 6:40am

Appendix C: Error Messages

This section has information about some common error messages you may see when using Prism. This page is updated periodically with new or updated error messages.

Subsidiary not defined on session
This message is displayed if you have installed Prism but haven't yet initialized the Prism server with data. For example, after installing Prism, a user may try to start a new transaction and see this message. To correct this situation, make sure the Prism server has been initialized with data and joined the enterprise.

Subsidiary not defined on session

Failed Connection Check error
When joining a Prism server to the enterprise, both servers must be up. If the other server is currently down, the JTE process won't be able to establish the connection and this message will be displayed.
failed connection check


Duplicate Controller Conflict warning
This message appears when reinstalling Prism. You should have used the Server Identity File when installing Prism. In most cases, the user should click Yes. Clicking Yes will claim the controller for this installation. To prevent this type of warning, make sure you generate a Server Identity File for your installation and then if you ever need to reinstall Prism, be sure to refer to that file.
duplicate controller conflict

Login Error
All the necessary Prism services will restart automatically after installing an update. If you try to log in after installing an update and get the following error, it means that the Prism License Service did not start automatically. To correct this situation go into Windows Control Panel > Administration > Services and start the Prism Licensing Service. After the service is started, try to log in again.
login error message

Store Assignment (Association) error
If you log in with a username for a user who is not assigned to the current store, then if you try to create a transaction, an error is displayed.  In this case, check the employee's Store Assignments and assign the store to the employee, if needed.
Store assignment error