Updated: December 8, 2021 8:36am


Prism comes with various tools to help users with specific tasks:

  • SSL Manager: (in Tech Toolkit) Use this tool to install SSL certificates on a Prism server or Proxy-only machine.
  • Document Designer: Use this tool to customize the designs used when printing documents such as receipts.
  • Retail Pro Reports: Retail Pro reports is licensed separately and enables users to run reports based on Prism data.
  • RPS Database Tables: List of the tables and columns in the Prism RPS Database.
  • Export/Import Resources: Use the ExportImportResources.exe tool to export data from RP9 and import it into Prism.
  • Rename Prism Server: (Tech Toolkit) Use this tool to perform necessary reconfiguration when a Prism server's host name is changed.
  • SRO Tool: (in Tech Toolkit) Update Sold, Received, On Order quantities.
  • RP Companion: This is an app for iPad users. It includes three tools: Dashboard, Price Lookup and Physical Inventory
  • Prism Scheduler: (in Tech Toolkit) Use Prism Scheduler to schedule Prism-related tasks
  • V8ToPrism.exe: Use the v8ToPrism.exe tool to export data from a Retail Pro 8 database (for later import using the ExportImportResources.exe tool)
  • App Card: Use App Card loyalty solution
  • Prism Upgrade Manager: Use this tool to upgrade Prism servers to newer versions.
  • RIL Conversion tool: Use this tool to convert a Retail Pro 9 Oracle database to RIL Oracle.
  • Property Management Link (PMLink): Use this tool to interface Prism with Property Management Systems like Opera.