Updated: October 1, 2020 8:50am

Image Exporter (ImageExporter.exe)

Prism users have access to customer and item images assigned to records in Retail Pro Integration Layer (RIL) via the ImageExporter.exe tool. Having customer and item images available provides a variety of benefits, including improved customer service. Associates can easily see if the listed item matches the physical item being purchased by the customer.
When you install the Prism stack, the installer installs the ImageExporter.exe tool in the …Program Files (x86)\RetailPro\ImageExporter folder. When you run the tool, it exports all customer, item and style images into a user-specified folder (e.g. \ProgramData\RetailPro\Server. The unpacked images are unpacked into an \images folder that is organized into a set of subfolders (based on SID). This enables RP Prism to automatically retrieve the correct image for the customer or item.
Basic Steps for using Images in RP Prism
Make sure you have a .zip file utility for compressing and extracting files (e.g. WinZip or 7Zip)
Use the ImageExporter.exe tool to export images from RIL. Extract the compressed images file to the \ProgramData\RetailPro\Server folder. By default, images will be pulled from this folder: \ProgramData\RetailPro\Server\Images. However, you can configure preference to pull from a different server, if necessary.
Select an option for displaying Merchandise images (Themes & Layouts). You can select to display item images, style images, or dynamic (pulls item image if available, or style image if item image is not available). Default = None.
When listing items on transactions, double-click the image to display a carousel for viewing additional item images (if assigned to the item).


  • Supported file formats are: .bmp, .jpeg, .png
  • Images must be extracted to the path specified in "Image Directory" setting in Prism Preferences (default = …\Program Data\RetailPro\Server Folder
  • Changes in RP Prism to images are NOT replicated back to RIL
  • The folder holding the images must be named \Images with a capital "I"

Export Images from RIL

On the RIL machine, navigate to the …\Program Files(x86)\Retail Pro\ImageExporter folder.
Double-click the ImageExporter.exe icon.
In the Output Directory field, enter the path to the folder where the exported images will be stored. Touch or click the ellipses to browse to the desired folder. Touch or click the Export Images button.
image exporter UI
The images are exported to the folder specified in the Output Directory field. The Current Task area shows the progress of the export. When export is complete, touch or click the "X" in the upper-right corner to close the ImageExporter.exe. The output directory you specified will have a single compressed file.     

Unpack Compressed Files to Prism Server
The ImageExporter.exe generates a compressed file in the folder you specified when running the ImageExporter.exe. You can use a compression utility such as 7zip or Winzip to decompress the images. The compressed file contains compressed versions of all the customer, item and style images exported from RIL. Unpack the compressed file. Copy the resulting "\Images" folder to the …\ProgramData\RetailPro\Server folder on the Prism Server machine (see following section).
Copy the compressed file to a location where it can be accessed by the RP Prism server. Extract (unzip) the compressed files. (You should have a folder called "\Images" that has subfolders for inventory, customer and inventory style). If necessary, create the "\Images" folder manually and copy the inventory/customer/inventory style folders to it.)
Click the ellipses. Browse to the …\ProgramData\RetailPro\Server folder. Touch or click the OK button. This is the default location from which RP Prism will pull images when working with customers or items. You can change the default Image location in RP Prism Preferences (Themes and Layouts).
Confirm the "Extract to:" path is correct and then touch or click the OK button.
The "\Images" folder is added to the folders within the "…ProgramData\RetailPro\Server" directory. Within the Images folder are sub-folders for customer, inventory and style images.    
Extract images using 7zip

Set Preferences for Images
In preferences, you can customize the path where images are pulled from (if you want to store images in a different location) and which merchandise images to display (item, style, or dynamic). The "Image Directory" setting in preferences determines where Prism will look for customer and item images.  The default path is "…\ProgramData\RetailPro\Server\Images".
Navigate to Admin Console > Node Preferences > Themes and Layouts. Navigate to the Image Server field. Edit the default path for images, as needed.
Navigate to the Display Merchandise Images field. Select Item, Style, or Dynamic.
Item: Always display item images. If item image is not available, no image will be shown. Style: Always display style images, if available. If style image is not available, no image will be shown.
Dynamic: Display item image, if available, otherwise, display style image, if available.     Save the changes.
Image preferences

Item Images at POS
If you have images assigned to items and have exported images using the ImageExporter.exe, then those images will be displayed on the main transaction form and on the Item Details screen in Inventory view.