A Retail Pro 9 Plugin does not work or does not show/offer the expected features

A Retail Pro 9 Plugin does not work or does not show/offer the expected features:



Your account is licensed for a certain Plugin, but it?not work or does not show/offer the expected features.


For Example, Retail Pro 9 Touch Menus still shows ?Demo Mode? when clicking on the ?Touch Menus? button in Receipts, even when the Service Manager shows it is licensed.


Make sure your version of Retail Pro 9 supports that specific plugin.

Check the version/date of the Plugins.tlb in the \Retailpro9\plugins directory, and make sure that it is the correct version/date for that release. If this file is not the correct version, there is a possibility that Retail Pro 9 is installed incorrectly. You may have to un-install and re-install Retail Pro 9 and related components. If it isthe correct version/date, you may have to?un-register and re-register the file. See below for instructions.

Check the version and date for the .dll file related to the plugin, e.g. ?touchmenus.dll? . Uninstall and reinstall the plugin where possible through ?Control Panel? > ?Add/remove Programs? or ?Control Panel? > ?Programs and Features? (for example Touchmenus). If no specific installation program is available, manually unregister the .dll file for the plugin and re-register the .dll.

The correct procedure to unregister or register a file is as follows:

  • Open a command prompt
  • Change directory to the \retailpro9\plugins directory
  • Type: regsvr32 ?u to unregister the appropriate file, for example ?regsvr32 ?u touchmenus.dll?
  • Type: regsvr32 to re-register the file, for example ?regsvr32 touchmenus.dll?

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Plugins & Integrations, Errors


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