Exception TRBZC: Method: BOSetAttributeValueByName(...) while in receipts

Error moving from one item to another in receipts under recent R5 builds.

This is caused by presence of the latest TaxRateByZipCode_V9.dll in the \Reatilpro9 \Plugins folder of an installation or workstation that is not configured to use it.

Remove the TaxRateByZipCode_V9.dll and TaxRateByZipCode_V9.mnf files from the Retailpro\Plugins folder of any server and workstation that are running R5 unless you are currently licensed for and configured to use it at the location.

Retail Pro International LLC is no longer placing this plugin into the \plugins folder as part of the maintenance package installation process at this time. We will be releasing a fix for the offending DLL in a future release.

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Technical Bulletin, Errors


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