Oracle listener service is missing from the server (but the RPROods service is present)

Can't access RetailPro

The OracleServiceRproODS is present and started but the OracleODS11gr1TNSListener is not present on the SERVER

If the service has been inadvertently deleted from the list of services, for example by the use of the "SC DELETE" command in Windows, you can run the following command from the Windows command line to have Oracle re-register and start it as a service
"lsnrctl start"

1. Open a command window by going to START>run> and type CMD
2. In the command window type in - lsnrctl start
3. press enter

If the command was successful you will see the OracleODS11gr1TNSListener service listed in the Windows service manager as "started". If the command was NOT successful the service will not be listed. In that case you should contact technical support .

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Database


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