Oracle ORA-00600 Error Definition

What causes this error?

ORA-600 is generated by the generic kernel code of the Oracle RDBMS software. An ORA-600 error may or may not be displayed on the screen. Therefore, screen output should not be relied on for capturing information on this error.Information on ORA-600 errors are found in the database alert and trace files. We recommend that you check these files frequently for database errors.

Each ORA-600 error generates a database trace file.

Possible causes include

1. Time-outs (This could indicate errors upon start up, Oracle initialization time-out waiting for new process)
2. File corruption
3. Failed data checks in memory, hardware, memory, or I/O messages
4. Incorrectly restored files

The possible causes above are purely an indication of another problem. The alert log and trace files should indicate an accompanying error.The ORA-00600 error is a general error that is serious in nature, and would require in-depth analysis of the database environment. In some occasions the ORA-00600 error indicates an non-recoverable error in which a backup would need to be restored in order for normal operations to resume.



Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Database, Errors


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