RPro9.exe has stopped working - How to troubleshoot

How to troubleshoot when receiving the error - "RPro9.exe has stopped working"

Sometimes, Retail Pro 9 fails to launch for various reasons.

When receiving the error, "RPro9.exe has stopped working", attempt the possible fixes listed below before reaching out to the Retail Pro Technical Support team. This can save you time, and the below fixes commonly fix the issue.

1. Confirm that DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is set to "essential Windows programs and services only." Click here for more info on Data Execution Prevention.This is often the issue...

2. Make sure that UAC (User Access Control) is down to the lowest setting (disabled). Click here for more info on how to adjust UAC.

3. Make sure you are running as administrator.

4. Make sure that windows is updated (if it is server 2012, you may have trouble getting it to run on an un-updated base install of windows).

5. Try running RPRO with no plugins.

6. Consider un-installing and then re-installing as the local ADMINISTRATOR account.

Published on Sep 9, 2016 in Store Operations


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