How to Resolve Constraint Errors when Specific Invoices are not Replicating in Retail Pro Prism

There can be times when the majority of resources are replicating, while a few resources are not. For example, a particular invoice may be missing from RIL even though every other invoice and document has properly replicated.

Troubleshooting invoice replication

If this occurs, navigate to the server that is attempting to send the invoice and you can glean more information.

From that server, navigate to the Admin Console's Connection Manager. Select the RIL Dashboard, go to the Day to Day tab, and click the flame for the profile which contains the failing invoice. 

Find the failing invoice


Next, click the checkbox next to the "Documents" resource.

Check the document checkbox

This should display a list of documents that failed to send.

When seeking a particular document, it may be easiest to edit it before looking at this list—this will cause it to attempt to replicate again so that it appears at the top of the list when sorting by date.

Click the error in the Status column. A pop-up window will appear with more information.


Common cause

Most commonly, an invoice will fail to replicate because the customer on the invoice doesn't exist in the target database schema. In this case, the below error message will appear.

Popup message with more information


The immediate solution is to replicate the customer. This can be done by linking a profile for Day to Day customer replication and editing the customer record. Once the customer exists in RIL, you can edit the invoice to trigger replication.  

If this issue is pervasive, you may need to initialize customers from your other stores to the POA and verify that customers are included in linked day-to-day profiles.



Published on Feb 24, 2021 in Data Replication, Polling


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