Adjusting RabbitMQ compression when using double byte characters

Customers who use double byte character sets, such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Arabic languages, need to be aware of adjustments to the RabbitMQ configuration to ensure there are no errors with replications. 

By default, RabbitMQ will try to compress messages that are being sent. However, this compression is done byte by byte, and when using double byte character sets, this will lead to issues with replication.

To resolve this issue, it is necessary to disable Rabbit MQ compression.


  1. Browse to the Prism Config folder located at C:\Program Data\RetailPro\Server\Config. Open the PrismMQservice.ini file.

PrismMQservice.ini file


  1. Once you have the PrismMQService.ini open, look for the line: "COMPRESSION = 100" and change it to "COMPRESSION = 0"


  1. Save your config file and then restart the RabbitMQ service. You have now turned off compression for RabbitMQ.


Published on Oct 5, 2020 in Configuration & Settings, Data Replication


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