Using VPNs for Replication with Retail Pro Prism

Retail Pro Prism replication requires specific settings to function correctly. Using a VPN can help with replication and is highly recommended. A VPN can also provide a layer of encryption, since Rabbit MQ messages are sent in plain text and can be read easily if captured.

VPN options

A hardware VPN using routers works best. The Retail Pro Support team does not recommend a specific brand of router. Any router setup or support will need to be verified by the router's subject matter expert.

A software VPN on a Windows computer can also be used, but we have found these can be more troublesome.

Setting up a router

When setting up a router, isolate the POS units and the POA from the internet. The VPN tunnels will create an encrypted path for replication to communicate. Name resolution can then be set up for Rabbit MQ replication.

Setting up a router


Usually, Ports will still need to be opened on the router to allow replication through the VPN. Always check the required open ports on the Documentation area of My Retail Pro for the latest port information.

Current port list as of October 2021:

Program Open Port Requirement
Apache 80 and 443
Oracle 1521
Prism License Server 6470
Centrals 50025
Prism Proxy 443 (outgoing connection to Apache) and 8080-8089 (configurable, depends on number of Proxies)
AMQ 5671, 5672
RabbitMQ (erl.exe) 4369,5671-5672,25672, 35672-35682,53793, 61613, 61614
RabbitMQ Console 15672
RabbitMQ 61614
Krunch 8090



Published on Oct 25, 2021 in Data Replication, RabbitMQ


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