PI "TotPhys QTY" does not match the sum of all "Good Counts" of merged ZONEs.

Changes to scan counts in zones that have been un-merged don't recalculate total physicle count on the PI sheet when re-merged
Totaled counts from all merged zones do not match what is represented in PI_Sheet.tot_physicle_qty field.
Typically this is caused by edits to the "Scan QTY" field of a zone performed after a zone has already been merged. This will happen if the operator un-merges a zone goes into the scanned area, locates an item and then changes the "Scan QTY" value to something other than what was stored in the item's record originally.
To resolve this issue you must use the Calculate PI Stat option in the PI module.
1. Go into Merchandise>Inventory>Physical Inventory> Stores> and highlight the active PI you are reviewing
2. Add the Calculate PI Stat button to the side menu
3. Confirm that all of the zones for that PI have been merged
4. Click Calculate PI Stat

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Store Operations, Inventory


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