Updated: May 30, 2023 12:51pm Release Notes


This document has information for the Prism release.

  • Clear the browser history cache before you try to log in
  • Windows 10 users must launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option


  • Fiscal document tables added to rpsods database (FISCAL_DOCUMENT, FISCAL_DOCUMENT_ITEM and FISCAL_DOCUMENT_SEQUENCE)

No new requirements for this release.

  • Manage Packages and Kits
  • Finalize Z-Out Reports (structured mode only)


  • Genius 2.0 Store and Forward changes
  • Return deposit via EFT (credit card or gift card)
  • Auto-match non-currency tenders on Z-Out reports
  • Physical Inventory Send Destination preference
  • "Use Zone Name" flag on PI Import Maps
  • Char and Message fields on Tax Rules
  • Custom fields for developers of fiscalization tools
  • Additional calculated fields for document designs (except POS documents): PriceWTax, PriceWOTax, ExtPriceWTax, ExtPriceWOTax for POItem, RecvItem, SlipItem, TOrdItem

FIXES (59 Total Issues)
The following list outlines key issues that have been addressed with this release.

Issue ID Description Build Found Solution
17925 Unable to view adjustment memo with many items Code was changed to not list all items on a single page on memos.
23555 Access Violation in Prism Back Office when saving item using the API Code was changed to prevent Access Violation Errors when trying to add an item.
17338 Add fields to Prism Store Operation modules The following fields are now available on POs, Vouchers/ASNs, Transfer Slips and Transfer Orders: Description 2, Description 3, Aux 1, AUX 2, AUX 3, AUX 4, AUX 5, AUX 6, AUX 7, AUX 8, Price without Tax, Ext Price without Tax, Tax Code.
17292 Add the following fields to transaction lookup results:
Store Code, Total Tax Amt. Comments, Mode of Payment (Payment type New columns have been added to the get request on documents in the API explorer: saletotaltaxamt, tendertype, comment1, comment2, storecode.
19034 With central customer enabled, most of the search by fields for customer lookup do not appear in the UI Code was changed to properly handle all search types in customer.
22639 Need a way to link the adjustment memo to the Physical Inventory (ERP systems require the reference) 2.0 Code was changed to properly reference the PI sheet that created the adjustment.
Document Designer      
23845 On Spanish Windows Server 2016 Price fields are not displaying on tag designs when the Price has decimals Code was changed to properly print Price on tags at POS on Spanish Windows Server 2016.
21530 Add new custom fiscal tables to doc designer 2.1.1 Prism 2.1.1 provides retailers in VAT environments a set of custom fields (Custom0 through Custom9) for use by development partners when developing fiscalization tools. The fiscalization tools developed by partners help retailers meet requirements for printing fiscal information and fiscal document sequences. Custom0 through Custom9 are all NVARCHAR(30) in the Oracle and MySQL database schemas. In addition, the FISCAL_DOCUMENT, FISCAL_DOCUMENT_ITEM and FISCAL_SEQUENCE tables have been added to the rpsods database.
EFT - Global Payments (Cayan)      
22999 Implement support for Cayan/Global Payments Genius 2.0 devices with On-Device Store & Forward   Any This release of Prism supports the new Genius 2.0 devices from Cayan/Global Payments, including the Genius 2.0 Store and Forward on-device implementation.
For specific information, please refer to the documentation accompanying this release.
13835 Deposit refunds need to allow EFT transactions 1.14.7 This release introduces SO deposit Refunds via EFT (credit or gift). See the What's New document for details.
General System      
23637 Tender Requirements check boxes are incorrect 2.1.1 Labels are added in each tender type.
23384 Currently, after importing SSL certificate files in TTK and restarting Apache, the Proxy fails to load the certificate, causing an error

Comment out the CertificateFile and CertificateKeyFile info in the [SSL] section of the PrismProxy.ini file, located in C:\ProgramData\RetailPro\HardwareServices\conf.
Here is a sample of part of a PrismProxy.ini file. The semicolon character at the start of the CertificateFile and CertificateKeyFile lines indicates those lines are commented out.

After commenting out the certificate information, save the changes. You can now start the proxy normally. The proxy will no longer attempt to load the certificate into its internal server but will create an unsecure server instance instead. The connection from the browser to the proxy will appear unsecured, even though the connection from the proxy to the Prism server will remain secure. This is exactly how the proxy behaves when running on a separate workstation which is directed to a secure Prism server. As a result, the browser connection through the proxy will not indicate that the server is secure.  To confirm that the server is secure, you can test running the browser directly against the server; this should indicate a secure connection.

23357 POS Advanced Item Lookup dialog reduced size blocks date controls Added scroll bar for accessing buttons.
23231 Inventory UDF fields not behaving correctly 2.1 When creating or editing UDF labels the value will be saved when leaving the field. The user no longer uses the Save button for UDF labels.
22833 When saving changes to UDF field names, the UI gives no indication that changes were saved Code was changed to save labels upon leaving the field.
22800 Five- or seven-digit ZIP Codes entered in the Postal Code field do not populate City and State information with ZIP Code lookup Code was changed to properly handle the entering of city and state for customers with ZIP Code lookup.
22639 Need a way to link the adjustment memo to the Physical Inventory (ERP systems require the reference) 2.0 Code was changed to properly reference the PI sheet that created the adjustment.
22419 Add TAX_MESSAGE (LEGEND) to document.item so that the message (legend) can be printed TAX_MESSAGE (LEGEND) added to document.item.
22233 CHAR and Message fields missing in Admin Console Tax Area Code was changed to add the CHAR and Message fields to Admin Console > Node Preferences > Taxes > Tax Area.
Code was also added to include the CHAR and Message fields on document designs.
21858 Special characters in store name breaks the UI Code was changed to properly handle store names with special characters.
23682 Upgrading to 2.1 using silent install fails on a ZIP distribution upgraded MySQL system Silent install works after MySQL upgrade from 5.7 to 8.0.x. See the "Upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to 8.0" document on my.retailpro.com
23813 Package and Kit Management 2.1.1 Users can now manage packages and kits in Prism.
See the What's New document for more information.
23667  Inventory OH Qty does not show on the QTY tab of Merchandise > Inventory > Item Details following upgrade to Prism 2.1 Code was changed to properly display OH Qty.
23536 Inventory QTY view in Inventory always shows zero on quantity on hand at the store Code was changed to properly handle the quantity display for all locations.
22989 Unable to edit style; users receive a red toast stating that adjustment reason is required Code was changed to properly allow the creation of items without the blocking error message
22980 Adding items to a style does not apply the proper tax code to the items Code was changed to properly assign tax code to style items when a style item is being created or added to an existing style.
21671 When a subsidiary is modeled after another subsidiary, the user is not given the option to copy prices and costs 2.0 Code was corrected for cost and price at the end of the modeling process.
Physical Inventory      
23541 The export_datetime field on PI sheets is not sent to the POA Code was changed to properly populate and replicate the Exported_datetime. A new flag was added for exported=1.
23537  Please provide a setting to limit where PIs are allowed to be sent A new preference labeled "Physical Inventory Send Destination" enables retailers to control where a PI sheet is sent. To configure the preference, navigate to Admin Console > Node Preferences > Merchandise > PI Sheet.
Prompt: (Default) When the user clicks the Send PI Sheet button a list of controllers is displayed so the user can select the desired destination controller.
:    When the user clicks the Send PI Sheet button, the sheet is sent to that destination without the user having to select the location. Note: If preferences are set to the user's own local controller, the Send PI Sheet button will be disabled in the Physical Inventory UI.
(See the What's New document for more information.)
22879 Import map will fail if the zone name contains letters The "Use Zone Names" flag on the import map table on PI sheets indicates whether zones included in the import are identified by the zone name or the zone number. Previously, PI Zones were always identified by the number assigned by the system when the Zone was created. Now, using the "Use Zone Names" flag on the import settings, retailers can use the Zone Name to identify zones included in the import.
By default, the "Use Zone Names" flag is disabled, which means zones are identified by the system-assigned number for the import.
If the "Use Zone Names" flag is enabled, it means zones are represented by name in the map file.
22150 Sublocation label displayed when sublocations are not used    Code was changed to correctly display sublocation label Code was changed to correctly display sublocation label.
Point of Sale      
23387 Able to take a credit card tender without card type selected when card type is a required field, The Card Type requirement is now correctly enforced when selected in Admin Console, except when EFT is enabled (in that case, the card type is determined by the Card Processor).
22778 Unable to see Historical Transaction in Portrait Mode Specific Date range shows correct results only.
22774 Transaction Lookup filter not working in Portrait Layout Now shows correct results as per specific Dates selected for the Date filters
22772 Cannot give a Store Credit in Portrait Layout Originally, the tenders and payments buttons were both active; now they are tabs at the top of the panel. Tender type selection now uses the same component that the default view does, so it functions the same.
Moved the take/give button to the bottom of the panel.
Added new translation for abbreviated gift receipt: "Gift Rcpt" to make the button fit
Take cash quick select buttons ($1, $5, $10 etc) was a static size and didn't use all of the allocated space on the page. It now spreads buttons across its entire container.
21596 POS Advanced item lookup screen needs to reduce the window for search filter selections and show more search results The Advanced Item Lookup screen now shows search results properly when a long list of items are in the results pane. All tabs and buttons are properly aligned and displayed. Unnecessary blank space is removed.
Point of Sale - Customers      
22442 Customer lookup has an undocumented not-user friendly GUI refactor Code was changed to correct the customer lookup at POS.
Point of Sale - Orders      
22976 Prism allows users to change the tax area in Transaction Details and after that allows users to change the tax at item level Manual Tax in Item Details is enabled and can be modified.
23445 Tender Requirement inclusion of base currency in foreign currency can cause Z-Out configuration issue Code was changed to disable the tender requirements for base currency within the FC selection for give/take.
23489 Ext Cost and Ext Price fields have wrong format in the PO grid Code was changed to properly display the Ext Price and Ext Cost fields.
21233 PO Item Allocation grid should show stores' OH Qty 1.14.7/2033 Store OH Qty column added to PO Item Allocation grid.
22378 Require Voucher Reason Code isn't working in Batch Receiving Code was changed to properly handle the reason code requirements for all voucher types.
23237 Doc_sids in document_item does not match sids in documents in Import/Export Tool 2.0.1 Documents are now migrated using the Data Migration Tool to get a user from V8 or V9 into Prism.
Document history is brought over a part of that migration and each document contains items, fees, shipping, tax, tenders as part of the complete document.
SSL Manager      
23370 Unable to add a subordinate system via the WebTTK when using SSL on POA    Code was changed to properly handle adding SSL servers to a POA.
23365 Clicking "Revert to unsecured" prevents login to Web TTK Code was changed to properly update apache after reverting SSL.
19564 Unused then deleted disbursement reasons are not deleted through replication on downstream systems ( whether they be a POA or subordinate) Implemented mini lookup payload for deletion through replication. Upon receiving such payload, the other Prism tries to delete this resource locally and replicate it further based on its own replication profiles (as regular day2day).
If a resource is impossible to delete (e.g., the resource is used on another resource as a reference), Prism sends it back to "undelete." In this case, Prism sends the resource directly to the immediate source, regardless of the replication profile. After the resource reaches the immediate source, further replication of the "undelete" message is based on existing replication profiles at each "node" the message reaches.
Transfer Orders      
21853 Saving TO with doc qty in edit mode does not prompt warning and saves old value Code was changed to properly handle the edit of doc qty.
Transfer Slips      
23403 Users cannot update slips unless they have store assignment to destinations *(target store)  location Now server does not check employee store assignment on ASN/Voucher when the ASN/Voucher is generated automatically when updating a transfer slip.
Transfer Verification      
23392 With preference "Require return voucher to reference a PO" enabled, cannot resolve pair in transfer verification with any of the options Code was changed to properly handle the preference "Require return voucher to reference a PO" in transfer verification
23449 Permission set to deny for close register does not produce toast on screen that user does not have permission Code was changed to correct the permission deny on close.
23443 Z-Out reports and Disbursements show foreign currencies even when foreign currency is not enabled Code was changed to correct the foreign currency displayed in Z-Out count
23431 Register record leave amount is incorrect and aggregated by each recount  Code was changed to properly handle leave amount during recounts.
23421 Non-Cash amounts shown incorrectly in resumed close Individual non-currency totals are now properly updated when recounting.
23399 Z-Out Structure mode prevents editing a former transaction Code changed to edit former transactions.
22724 Mandatory to input Currency Totals on portrait mode when set to not count currency This is now obsolete. The count denomination preference is removed from X/Z-Out preferences. Both Portrait and Default layouts work as expected.
22622 Leave amounts are not retained on page refresh 2.1 Code was change to correct refresh.
22463 Cannot go back to the home screen from Z-Out on iPhone There is a revamp of portrait z-out. there is no more P button to return to Prism
Here is the flow to return to Prism screen
Go to Z-out.
Close Register.
Enter Total Dollars.
Add non-currency tenders if any.
Now click, FinalizeAndPrint button or Exit button.
You are back on Register criteria screen. Click Back button to return to the screen with different selection of modules (POS, Customers, Z-Out, Prism Menu).
20860 The Z-Out process needs to be reworked to include a review process for reconciliation corrections 1.14.7 Code was changed to allow a user to perform a finalization check prior to the actual closing event of the drawer.
20689  Bypass Non-Media Tender "Select-All" for tenders when using a Global Payments/Genius devices New column has been added to the tender requirements list called 'Auto Match'.
When selected the tender type will not need manual counting during the closing or audit of a drawer.