R4 Maintenanace Pack Update

This article describes the patch that we have created for the 9.2 R4 Maintenance Pack.

The 9.2R4 (9.20.720.85) Maintenance Pack that was released on 3/11/11 had a problem with one of its database update scripts. During the installation of the maintenance pack the "CMS Post Date" field on the Adjustments table could be updated to the date that the maintenance pack was installed. This could then cause all adjustment memos to be polled to other stations during the next ECM polling cycle. There is no data corruption, but this could put a heavy load on the next ECM polling cycle.

We released a new 9.2 R4 (9.20.720.85) Maintenance Pack on 3/21/11 that fixed this problem. The release number was not changed. The only thing that was changed was one SQL script that is used during the upgrade. A change was made so that we no longer change the "CMS Post Date" during the upgrade.

If you downloaded the 9.2 R4 (9.20.720.85) Maintenance Pack prior to 3/21/11 then you have the MP with the the problem. Attached to this article is a fixed "Updates.zip" file that you can use to update your existing maintenance pack. This file is much smaller (2MB) than the MP. So if you prefer, you can simply download the attached file and use it to update your existing 9.2 R4 (9.20.720.85) Maintenance Pack.

Warning: This "Updates.zip" file must only be copied into the 9.2 R4 (9.20.720.85) Maintenance Pack.� Installing it into any other MP can cause unpredictable and possibly catastrophic results.

Download the attached "Updates.zip" file and use it to replace the file with the same name in the "Rpro_9.20.720.85MP\Dbscripts" folder. Then use this newly updated MP to update your lab and productions systems.

The size of the "Updates.zip" file in the broken MP is 2,165,671 bytes. The size of the fixed file is 2,165,694 bytes.


Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Installation, Maintenance Pack


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