Manual Credit Card Entry and Zip Codes

The law in California recently changed regarding the collection of zip codes during credit card transactions.  It is no longer allowable to ask a customer for their zip code with credit card transactions (Some exclusions apply, please refer to the actual published law for details).

When swiping a customer's credit card the zip code is not a required field.  But when manually entering a card number, prompting for the zip code is an option.

With Retail Pro V9.2 R4 you can configure the following links to not prompt for zip code - EFT Link, Shift4, RPPS, Shift4.

With Retail Pro V8 you can configure Shift4 and EFT Link to not prompt for zip code.

You cannot configure the RPPS or PC Charge links to not prompt for zip code.  There are two solutions for this situation:

  • Upgrade the customer to one of our current links - EFT Link or Shift4.
  • Enter any digit into the zip code field (i.e. "0") during the sale.  This will allow you to complete the transaction and also meet the requirement to not ask for the customer's zip code.

There are no plans to make any code changes to the PC Charge link.  This is a discontinued product.

If you have questions about how to configure your link please contact Retail Pro technical Support via Webtac.

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Installation, EFT & Payments


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