Invalid Date and Time stamp message during TechToolKit backup process

When doing a complete backup through TechToolKit we have seen an error mentioning an invalid date and time stamp.  This issue is related directly to Windows Regional Settings.  When entering TechToolKit for the first time a TechTool.xml is created.  After you have created the backup parameters (complete \ incremental \ archive log options) the TechTool.xml is updated with this information. 

When you take a backup the TechTool.xml is updated again.  There is an entry in the TechTool.xml towards the bottom that looks like the following snapshot. 

This information is read from your Regional Settings and entered into the TechTool.xml.  If this setting remains consistent (Regional Settings do not change) you should not see an error when completing backup processes. 

If for some reason the Regional Settings date format does change since the last time the TechTool.xml is modified you may see an error that looks like the following. 

At the time the TechTool.xml was created the Regional Settings date options are (mm/dd/yyyy) and since the creation of the TechTool.xml file the Regional Settings have been changed to (dd/mm/yyyy).  This will cause a conflict. 

The way to avoid this issue is to establish your Regional Settings on the Retail Pro server and then install Retail Pro 9.  This will allow Retail Pro to read the Regional Settings and create the necessary files accordingly. 

The resolution for this conflict can be be done two separate ways.  If you have an XML editor handy you can simply open the TechTool.xml file and edit the entry from


To whatever your new date format is in Regional Settings, for example


Or you can delete or rename the TechTool.xml file, although using this option will force you to re-establish all settings that are stored in the TechTool.xml file. 

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in back, Backup & Recovery


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