Some merchandise and summary on hand reports return values that are not consistent with the quantity displayed in merchandise inventory for an item or items

Comparison between an item's on hand in merchandise inventory does not match the on hand for that item in the merchandise on hand by item or item on hand summary.

The sub locations feature was turned on at some point in the past then turned off but the sub locations tables were not purged of the quantities.

Purge the sub locations using the Technicians Tool Kit.

Do this only if you ARE NOT currently using sub locations. The procedure below clears out all of the sub location quantities for the selected subsidiary

1. make sure everyone is backed out of the system
2. make a backup of the database
3. launch the Technicians Tool Kit
4. browse down to the "data maintenance>inventory branch.
5. tick the "Build Sub Locations" box
6. choose the affected subsidiary
7. tick "Purge"
8. press the start button on the upper right corner of the side menu
9. review and answer the dialog that comes up.

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in back, Reporting


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