How to configure a Printer in Retail Pro Prism

How to correctly configure a printer in Retail Pro Prism


Step 1Install and configure a printer to your computer: This allows your computer's operating system to "see" the printer. You should be able to print a test page to that printer once it is configured. Make sure tha tyou have installed the necessary drivers, and configured the basic preferences if necessary.

Step 2Define "Printer Types" in the RP Prism Admin Console: This allows the user to group printers by purpose or location. Open the Admin Console > Hardware > Printer Types > you must have the node selection set to the store level to create or edit Printer Types > click the "+" icon to create Printer Type(s).

Step 3: Define Print Action and Print Type for inidividual document areas in the Admin Console: Open the Admin Console > Hardware > Print Preferences > Select a Print Area (e.g. POS transactions) > click on the folder icon to specify if you are configuring print settings for a POS Receipt or a Former Document. If you select "override sub-areas" you can configure for both on the same time.

  • Select the Default Action in the drop down menu.
  • Select the Default Printer Type in the drop-down menu.  (Check "active" box) 
  • Select the Default Print Design in the drop-down menu. 
  • Select Save. (User should only have 1 printer type active in this area)


Step 4: Assign a Printer (and printer type) to a particular workstation:

  • In the Admin Console, select Node Selection (the context starts out as "Corporation", but you must now select the Subsidiary, then select the Store, then select the "Edit" icon on a particular workstation:
  • The "Edit Workstation" windows will now appear > Select the "Printer Types" tab on the right > Select the particular printer in the drop-down menu > Select the printer type > Select "Close":

Step 5: Perform a test: Log out of RP Prism, and then log back in. Create a new receipt and print it to ensure that the print settings are configured correctly.

For additional information, see the related document "RP Prism 1.5.0 User's Guide". See "Printing/Updating" section (page 65) for information on configuring a Printer.


Ahmed Lotfy
Senior Technical Support Engineer
Retail Pro International

Published on Jul 8, 2016 in Hardware & Devices, Configuration & Settings


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