Setting up Promotions in Retail Pro Prism

The Prism Promotions module was designed with flexibility in mind.

  • You determine when a promotion should take affect (down to the minute), what stores and/or price levels are impacted and how the promotion is applied at point of sale.  Can it be combined with other promotions?  Is it applied once per transaction or multiple times?

  • You determine the requirements that must be met in order for the promotion to be activated.  These requirements can be item-specific, customer-specific, a receipt total, a coupon code or any combination thereof.

  • And lastly, you determine the actual discounts or rewards given once a promotion has been activated.  This could take the form of an item discount, transaction discount or a coupon being issued.

By combining and manipulating these settings, you can literally create hundreds of unique promotions.

To start, there are eight core promotions types that can be created in Prism.  Let's break down each promotion type:

  • "Item Discount" promotions allow you to give a simple discount to a group of items.

  • "Quantity Discount" promotions allow you to establish a discount when a certain quantity is reached.

  • "Tiered Discount" promotions are basically quantity discounts with a sliding scale.  Establish a different discount for different quantity levels.  Once the discount is determined, it's applied to all eligible items.

  • "Rolling Discount" promotions are similar to tiered discounts in that they can also establish different quantity levels.  The key difference is that rolling discounts allow you to apply different discounts for each level.

  • "Pack Pricing" promotions allow you to set a single price when selling a group of items.

  • "BOGO" promotions are well-known.  Buy this item and get another at a discount.  Or buy this item and get a completely different item at a discount.

  • "Transaction Discount" promotions allow you to discount the entire transaction when certain purchasing requirements are met.

  • "Reward Coupon" promotions allow you to issue coupons when certain purchasing requirements are met. 

Published on Apr 28, 2017 in Installation, Features


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