Retail Pro 8 on 32-bit Windows 10

Industry changes in the supported versions of TLS have necessitated a change in RPI?s position on running Retail Pro 8.7 in a Windows 10 environment.


We have reviewed the details necessary for allowing Retail Pro 8.7 to run on a Windows 10 (32-bit) system and documented the supported configuration. The technical memo noted below, ?Retail Pro 8 on 32-bit Windows 10?, outlines the configuration needed to establish the only supported Windows 10 (32-bit) environment in which to run Retail Pro 8.7 


It is important to call out to the fact that only Windows 10 (32-bit) is supported with Retail Pro 8.7. Windows 10 (64-bit) is not a supported environment and cannot be made to do so given the current 16-bit applications utilized within Retail Pro 8.7.


View Technical Memo



Published on May 24, 2017 in Installation, Configuration & Settings


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