MySQL Password Expired

If a user's MySQL password has expired, that user will not be able to log in to Retail Pro Prism, and will receive an error message. By changing the 'password expiry lifetime' setting in the MySQL workbench, the user's password will again work and you can minimize the likelyhood of this occurance in the future.


The User cannot access proxy or log in to Prism.


You will find this error in the Prism Logs -->"[Mysql] Your password has expired"


  1. Login to root in the Mysql Workbench.
  2. At menu bar, go to Server > Option file.
  3. Select the Security tab > Authentication > increase the default_password_lifetime (I.e. 99999) which is by default set to 360 days.
  4. Restart all prism services.

Published on Nov 9, 2017 in Installation, Database


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