Firewall consideration for Retail Pro Reporting installation

Firewall consideration for Retail Pro Reporting Installation

Retail Pro Reporting uses port 80 to validate the product license. If this is blocked by the computer's firewall, the following error will occur during installation or use of Retail Pro Reporting. 


During the installation of Retail Pro Reporting an error occurs which says, "The setup failed since we could not retrieve your license, or your license key has already been used for an installation. Please try once again. If the problem persists, please contact the product support team." 

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This error is caused by either of these issues:

- The license key is already in use with another installation.

- The firewall is blocking access to, the Retail Pro Reporting license authority, through port 80. 


If you are receiving the above error during a re-installation of Retail Pro Reporting, your license key is likely already in use. Please contact the Retail Pro Finance department to request a re-issue license.

Otherwise, add a firewall exception for AND open port 80 on the firewall.

Published on Oct 25, 2018 in Installation, Reporting


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