Troubleshooting Unresponsive Genius Device in Retail Pro Prism

The Genius device is the wired pin pad used to process Credit/Debit and gift cards through Global Payments Integrated.

This TechByte is specific to Cayan and the Genius device, as Adyen or Payone may not exhibit the same symptom. The configuration method used to correct the problem would be completely different as well, as the devices themselves are different for other EFT integrations.



The Genius device is unresponsive while tendering a document by credit card



  • "Waiting on Device" Dialog never completes the hand off to the Pin Pad.

Genius error


  • Reviewing the Developer Tools window (F12) Network tab of the browser you will notice that there are repeated attempts to connect (similar to the ones shown below)

Developer tools


  • Upon closer inspection you will find that each of the failed entries contain a message similar to the one shown below.

Error code



This is caused by an incorrect IP definition in the HAL of the workstation's Proxy. This can be due to either the IP having changed due to the DHCP or incorrectly applied to the configuration initially.



  1. Verify the IP on the Genius device
  2. Ensure a Static IP on the Genius device
  3. Assign the IP correctly the HAL.



Verify IP on the Genius

  1. At the Genius idle screen, press ‘0' on the keypad three times
  2. Enter password: 9416557 -  Press Enter
  3. IP information will be visible


Configure Genius for a Static IP

  1. At the Genius idle screen, press the 1, 5, 9 keys at the same time
  2. Enter password: 166832 - Press Enter
  3. Select the Administration tab
  4. Select the Communication tab
  5. Select the Network tab
  6. Select the Ethernet tab
  7. Tap the Pencil next to Mode
  8. Select Static IP and press OK
  9. Tap the pencil next to each option, and fill in the necessary Static IP information
  10. Tap Apply to save the changes
  11. Select the Home tab
  12. Tap the Run App icon to return to the idle screen


Assign Genius IP Correctly in HAL

  1. Open RP Prism
  2. Go to Administration Console > Node Selection and locate your workstation
  3. Edit the HAL settings of the workstation hosting the Genius device.
  4. Save your changes
  5. Restart the Proxy

HAL settings



Published on Oct 5, 2020 in EFT & Payments, Errors


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