Updated: July 14, 2021 8:23am

Options Button on Transactions

Several areas of Prism have an Options button available on the bottom toolbar. The Options button provides easy access to key tasks related to each record type. Using the Options button, you don't have to back out to the Prism home screen to access certain key tasks. The specific options available vary by area.
Available Commands on Option Button Menus

Area Options button includes:
Transactions (POS) Transaction Lookup
Pending Transactions
Customer Lookup
Print Tags
Gift Card Balance check (if use of EFT or central gift cards is enabled)
Purchase Orders Purchase Order Lookup
Pending Purchase Orders
Generate ASN Voucher
Generate Transfer Order
Print Tags
Vouchers Voucher Lookup
Pending Vouchers
Shipping Packages
Print Tags
Generate Transfer Order
Batch Receiving Mark All ASN
Unmark All ASN
ASNs ASN Lookup
Pending ASNs
Shipping Packages
Generate Voucher
Print Tags
Transfer Orders Generate Slips
Transfer Orders Lookup
Transfer Slips Transfer Slip Lookup
Pending Transfer Slips
Reverse Transfer Slip
Print Tags
Inventory Print Tags

Inactive Buttons
The buttons are only active at certain times. For example, when creating customer, users cannot access customer lookup.

Sample Options button on transactions

Options button menu on transactions