How to Look Up the RP Prism Reporting License UID

As Retail Pro Reporting (powered by Krunch) is deployed more broadly on Retail Pro systems, the volume of incidents related to the use and deployment of this licensing has become a frequent topic. 

Authentication failure due to an unknown password, a change in licensing, an update or a "Retail Pro Reporting license not found" warning may be an indicator that a key would need to be reissued.

Some Partners assign a unique key to each seat available in a given Retail Pro Reporting license. A Partner may find it difficult to discern which key or installation number is in use on a system requiring attention. 

In the case that a single workstation needs to be reissued a key, the BP will be required to provide to Retail Pro Tech Support the UID and Installation Number (UID-IN) assigned to a workstation, since RPI cannot confirm the PC name or IP address of a host on which a Retail Pro Reporting license has been activated.

Retail Pro Reporting licensing


How to look up the RP Prism Reporting License UID

On the machine experiencing the issue, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Krunch\win-krunch\conf.

You will see a folder in this directory matching the UID and installation number assigned.



Once located, please attach the UID-IN, as well as any errors presented when attempting to log in.

With the correct UID-IN attached, both TechSupport and the Licensing team will be able to troubleshoot most Retail Pro Reporting authentication and licensing issues in an expediant manner.



Published on Oct 5, 2020 in Reporting, Licensing


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