Updated: August 24, 2019 3:17pm

Core Resources

When you join the enterprise, the system performs a type of mini-initialization and copies a group of resources known as the Core Resources from the POA to the subordinate system. As a result, when you go into the Profiles area on the Prism Dashboard, you will see a Core Resources profile already exists. The Core Resources profile is read-only. The Core Resources profile includes the following resources: Controller, tenant, subsidiary, custom schema, transform design, season, tax area, price level, currency, store type and store.
The core resources are resources considered to be outside the standard day-to-day traffic. Generally they are defined as those resources that would be replicated from the POA to its members, but not necessarily back to the POA from a member. The following are the core resources: Controller, Tenant, Subsidiary, CustomSchema, Transformdesign, Season, TaxArea, PriceLevel, Currency, StoreType, Store

  • Core Resources must be selected for Prism D-2-D
  • For initialize profiles the Core must be explicitly added if desired.
  • Core resources replicate in both directions.

Core Resources - My SQL Notes
You will notice that when you first go into the Sender Profile editor, the core resources do not show up in the initial list; you must click the core resources check box to have them appear. This is because most organizations do not want to replicate changes to these core resources back up to the POA as this would overwrite preferences for the entire POA infrastructure from any given member.  Filtering them out of the list initially would keep an unsuspecting user from clicking the "All" link and accidentally adding core resources to their profile. With this check box users must make a conscious effort to include core resources in a profile for a member.
Although the Core Resources are not typically part of day-to-day traffic, there may be times when you want to resend these resources. When creating a Prism-to-Prism profile, you can select the Core Resources checkbox to include the core resources with the profile.