Updated: May 30, 2023 12:50pm

PDF Release Notes

This topic has information about the Prism release.

  • Clear the browser history cache before you try to log in
  • Windows 10: Launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option


  • ORDER_NO and REF_ORDER_NO on the document object changed from integer to alphanumeric.

No new requirements for this release.

  • Manage alternate (multi) vendors for items (#22646).


  • Enter Ship To Customer information on main transaction form (#19174).
  • Export bad scans on PI sheets to Excel (#20714).
  • Line Item Count field on transaction form (#21441).
  • Search for receipts (for returns) by Customer Phone, Store Code (#20815).
  • Doc Case Qty at POS (#22227).
  • Permissions to control access to document lookup areas (#24052).
  • Permissions to bypass entry of full-control serial/lot numbers on memos (#21798).
  • Prism menu shows current logged-in user #21152).

FIXES (94 issues)
The following list outlines key issues that have been addressed with this release.

Issue ID Title/Description Build Found Solution
21706 Document change for VendorModel Documentation was corrected for VendorModel.
Auto Tools      
23574 Unable to translate some fields Translations are working correctly.
24361 Cannot set central credit with decimal numbers Code was changed to properly store the decimal amount for central credit in the database.
23606 Customer filter resets after clicking List View Now clicking on customer details doesn't reset the List View results.
24046 Cannot create items through style view when using store based ALU sequencing The creation of items within a style is no longer hindered by setting UPC/ALU sequencing to store level while honoring the ALU and UPC sequence at the store level.
21152 Display user name on POS page The currently logged in username is now visible at the top of the main Prism menu.
General System      
24491 Appears to be a memory leak in PrismCommon.exe Code was changed to repair a memory leak.
24304 Initialization profile is processing records multiple times and causing the process to go over 100% complete Incidentally fixed.
23960 Request to add warning message after login to Prism when Software Assurance expiration date is approaching A new warning message will be displayed when prism is launched when the SA is within 10 days or less of expiration.
23831 Remove v9 legacy code from Prism code base All Code that references v9 was removed.
23739 Drawer event post or gets taking very long time to respond 2.1 Balance attribute for drawer event currency resource is recalculated only if requested. Changed conditions for query which calculates balance for given currency.
23484 Quick Lookup: Scanning in an ALU with multiple periods fails and throws an error Users can scan ALU barcodes that contain more than one period.
22553 There is no way to filter transaction in transaction lookup by return type Return was added as a transaction type when using transaction lookup.
21702 Allow for pagination of more than 30 items New presets of 50,100, 500, and 1000 have been added to the page length options.
21441 Please add item row count to the simple customer default document (receipts) layout forms

Added Line Item Count to all POS layouts.


19878 Please add Alternate ID1 lookup to Admin Console > Node Preferences > Grid Formats > Customer Lookup

Customer Alternate ID1 was added to the Search By and View for customer lookup grid formats.

24529 The Package Members/Details menu within Item Details is missing the "Component List" feature Code was changed to properly handle adding component lists.
24391 DCS Filter function appear to be not available at the Inventory lookup screen The DCS Filter function is available in Inventory lookup.
24282 Unable to save Item after uploading item image Users can now save the item record after uploading an item image.
24198 Prism UI Inventory Text fields only allow entry of 245 characters but database allows 255 Code was changed to properly display and save inventory Text Fields.
24076 Price not updated correctly in style view Price has been correctly updated in Style View.
23958 Style Grid Size is not sorted correctly This has been addressed in 2.1.2.
23863 Can't edit the DCS Code in inventory without editing another field also The DCS field can now be changed correctly for Inventory items without having to affect other fields.

Prism allows Duplicate ALUs when the preference to allow Duplicate ALUs is turned off

2.1.2 Prism now properly checks for duplicate ALU or UPC values when creating inventory.
23858 Cannot fill all due with Special Order new item or existing item. Code was changed to properly handle the fulfillment of orders when OH checking is enabled.
23805 Unable to set 13-digit UPC sequence It is now possible to enter up to 18 digits for a UPC value and up to 20 digits for an ALU sequence.
23778 Unable to save an item UDF while editing the item Able to change the UDF selection from the drop-down and save the changes.
23743 Error in putting price for an item with price = 0 If preferences are configured to require a Reason for manual discounts, the user is prompted to select a discount reason in the "Enter price for a zero-price item" modal. The  item will then be listed with the entered price.
23625 Creating a new style with an empty scale will not allow saving It is now possible to save an Inventory Style without members (empty scale or w/o attr/size).
22646 There is no way to manage multi-vendor items (management functionality used to be in RIL) 2.1 Users can now add, remove, edit, multiple vendors for inventory items.
23573 Prism Producer and Consumer log config can't be set individually, will only except for global config settings, and you have to restart PrismMQ service 1.14.7 Code was changed to prevent the restarting the the prism replication service when editing the log level. This applies for PrismMQService, PrismMQconsumer and PrismMQProducer.
24052 User with no permission can access Transaction Lookup Five new permissions have been added:
  • POS - Access Transaction Lookup
  • Disbursements - Access Disbursement Lookup
  • Time Clock - Check In/Out
  • Customers - Access Customer Lookup (Note: This permission controls looking up a customer at POS, in addition to looking up a customer in the Customers area.)
  • Adjustments - Access Adjustment Memo Lookup

These new permissions are set to "Deny" initially; users must manually change the permissions to "Allow" for individual groups as needed. For example, users must enable the POS - Access Transaction Lookup to allow Associates at POS to lookup a transaction for a return and enable Customers - Access Customer Lookup to lookup/add a customer to a transaction.

23290 Need permission to enable/disable the use of Promotion Broadcast button A permission has been added to allow or deny broadcasting of Promotions.
When a user's group permissions include the Promotions - Enable Broadcast permission and the user navigates to the Promotions area, the Broadcast button is enabled. If the user's group assignments do not include the Promotions - Enable Broadcast permission, the button will be disabled.
21798 There is no way to bypass the entry of full-control serial numbers and lot numbers on adjustment memos 2.0

New permissions have been added

  • "Allow bypass of full control serial number entry"
  • "Allow bypass of full control lot number entry"

ALLOW: Users can update Qty Memo without entering a Serial Number/Lot Number
DENY: Users cannot update a Qty Memo without entering a Serial Number/Lot Number
OVERRIDE: Users can enter override credentials to bypass entering a Serial Number/Lot Number

Physical Inventory      
24026 Users can't search items by Vendor Code or Vendor Name on a PI sheet The Vendor Code and Vendor Name fields now return appropriate results.
23636 pi file import  fails with " Wrong file type " when the extension is upper case Users are no longer prevented from importing using files that contain upper case letters in the filetype extension.
23540 Send PI Sheet Destination Address is not Displaying Selected Value The Send PI Sheet drop-down now lists all other machines in the controller table and each can be selected as a target for sending the selected PI sheet.
23072 Updating PI with large # of zones takes too long to update 2.0.1 Code was changed to increase the performance when updating PI with a large number of zones.
20714 please add the ability to export bad scans to EXCEL  (CSV) in the Prism PI sheet Code was added to allow bad scans to export to CSV, PDF, XLSX and HTML
Point of Sale      
24542 New permission "Customers - Access Customer Lookup" prevents users from listing a customer in a transaction after the install

Permission was removed that would have caused all users that upgraded to change this permission to ALLOW.

24497 Adding an item ( scanning or typing it in ) while "enable touch screen  select inputs " is on forces customer lookup mode selection 2.1.2 Code was changed to properly handle touch filters.
24031 We need to allow blank AUTH_CODE. Cayan is not able to enforce an AUTH code under every circumstance. 2.1 Code was changed to properly handle the blank AUTH_CODE when coming back for AMEX on returns.
23949 Associates assigned to stores other than the default location set in the proxy are being displayed in the associates drop down list Code modified to show only Associates whose Store Assignments include the current store.
23842 Add Description 3 and Description 4 to package component selection at point of sale,, Added description 3 and 4 to payload when retrieving package component information at point of sale.
23613 Logging in over a user with more permissions after a workstation time out leaves the user with no permissions Different user can login without any issues when workstation times out

Scanning a barcode with a hyphen instead reads as a ½  character ALU barcodes with hyphens now scan correctly.
22416 Changing Customer Name shouldn't impact old transactions Code was changed to not use the customer SID when looking up or printing former transactions. Only the customer information at the time of creation is used.
20815 Need the ability to search return receipt by Customer Phone and Store Code Customer Phone No and Store Code have been added for searching for return receipts.
20520 Need the ability to search transaction with Doc Number or Doc Barcode by just pressing enter instead of clicking the Search button

Transaction lookup by Document Number or Document barcode now search when the user presses Enter. The user does not have to click the Search button.

19174 Quick customer for shipping The transaction form UI has been updated to include separate tabs for Bill To and Ship To customer information. See the What's New document for details.
Point of Sale - Items      
23889 When we use wildcard to lookup an item by Desc it shows inactive item Item Lookup in POS transactions now only brings up active items.
23640 Return Item document shows as Regular document Now return document shows as Return in the document table . It shows Receipt type - 1, which is correct.
22227 Ability to add/use Case Quantity when selling on a receipt Doc Case Qty can be edited from Inventory Search (Document). Qty/Case displays the quantity per case. Doc Qty is populated with the correct Qty, when value entered in Doc Case Qty.
20835 Ability to make removing discounts from a line item more visible A Remove button was added to the item Discount button. It removes all manually applied item discounts.
18222 Scanning ALU barcodes that contain a - into transaction item lookup translates it as  ‘1/2' but scanning the same barcode into inventory item lookup works Fixed as part of 23130 (duplicate issue). ALU Barcodes with hyphens now scan correctly
Point of Sale - Orders      
24218 Need to be able to type in a Negative Deposit amount to refund a deposit in Prism User can type negative deposit amount to refund in Prism.
23572 Layaway document "Item listed as Customer Order" Now item is listed with correct type of order
23181 When creating a customer order with a fee, a confusing message appears Code was changed to prevent the message from displaying.
22654 Unable to edit orders. Code was changed to allow the voiding of an item but not removing it. Fulfillment process of the items are described during the process to clarify what quantities are being fulfilled.
Point of Sale - Tenders      
24563 Cannot save Tender Requirements changes without setting Tender Rounding. 2.1.2 Code was changed to properly default tender rounding settings.
23911 Tender Denomination doesn't add Dollar amount Tender denominations now adding dollar amount correctly
23309 Tender Requirement > Require Card Type does not work at POS This issue has been addressed. When Credit Card Type is set to be required, it will be enforced.
23178 Take amount field can become corrupted in the form Code has been modified to address this issue
22990 Tender Rounding - Resets to a Tender when any fields changed Code was changed to properly save the Apply Rounding setting for each tender type
22282 Credit Card Tender: Entering a Take Amount creates an unnamed tender When taking a credit card payment, without EFT enabled and without selecting a Card Type, the system will now display 'Credit Card' for the payment
Price Manager      
24483 UI will stay in use for 1.5 hours before timing out for an update now markdown Code was changed to quickly return the user to the price manager screen when a large number of items are taking a while to update.
23762 Specific promotions not working 2.0/2.1 Code was changed to properly handle filter elements in promotions
23663 Cannot save a coupon promotion using serialize coupon set as reward Promotions can now be saved with serialized coupon set as the reward.
23100 Coupons are created for the base subsidiary with no option to change subsidiary Subsidiary  is a column in List View and is viewable in Form View. Subsidiary is only editable when creating coupons.


24502 Listing alternate ALU on a PO will produce a red toast with Unknown error Code was changed to properly handle alternate UPC with no Vendor SID.
24424 Ascending sort function is not working on a PO document Code was changed to properly handle the Ascending sort function.
24327 When the user tries to remove multiple items on a PO,  all items/most on the PO deletes Code was changed to prevent the wrong items from being removed from a PO.
24025 Removing an item on a PO twice wipes out all the items from the PO This issue has been addressed.

Restrict to one vendor per PO/voucher should filter item search results Inventory Search filter for ASN, Voucher and Purchase Orders now filter for the header vendor code.
24525 Consolidate like items is not working on vouchers generated from ASNs that have more than 1 page of QTY when receiving QTY manually Code was changed to properly handle the consolidation of like items on an ASN. If the cost, price or vendor are a mismatch with an existing item, they will not be consolidated.
24453 PO items cannot be picked up within voucher Code was changed to properly handle multiple vouchers against PO items.
24432 Using print update on vouchers leaves the voucher open to more changes Code was changed to complete the print process for vouchers.
24283 PO No field in Voucher Lookup only allows numeric characters Code was changed to properly allow searching for ASN or Voucher using the alphanumeric PO Number.
23768 Unable to update voucher referencing a PO Voucher can update correctly when referencing PO partially.
24430 PrismMQProducer.exe slows down after running at normal speed since last restart, Code was changed to improve the performance of the PrismNQProducer.
24420 PMQ move sid generation from DB to exe Code was changed to improve SID generation for replication.
24286 Getting access denied error when initializing PCP_PROMOTION 2.1.2 Code was changed to properly handle the replication of promotions.
23764 Receipts with a promo coupon applied show as 'Not Applied' once replicated to RIL This problem doesn't exist in this latest release.
23727 Promotion replication fails when filtering many stores 2.1 Added 2001 as fake field length for several pcp_promotions fields.
23653 Vouchers are not replicating from RIL to Prism when Package Number exceeds 20 characters Shipping Packages now accept up to 25 characters in the package number.
23638 ltycustcentral resource is missing Central Resources checkbox is removed as it is now obsolete
23515 document,UDF_CLOB Cannot be more than 2000 chars when replicating from MySql to Oracle Changed udf_clob fields definition on document model.
23844 Joining new items to a style does not add the taxcode Code was changed for prism to properly handle taxcodes in styles when adding new items.
SSL Manager      
24479 Upgrading from 1.14.7 to 2.1 breaks SSL 1.14.7 to

Code was changed to retain the SSL settings for a server after an upgrade from 1.14.7 to 2.1.1. Users MUST select port 443 during the server install process. Also, the proxy installed on the server itself will not connect via SSL. Only remote proxies will.

Tech Toolkit      
23647 System display is wrong when there are more than 1 unarchived nodes with no POA_CONTROLLER_SID In TTK the user must select the appropriate root authority to proceed. All other listed controllers will be archived.
23366 Enterprise tree doesn't display New prompt in TTK when controller records are corrupt.
Transfer Slips      
24462 When creating a "New Transfer Slip" and scanning in the items, the system slows or even hangs. The process gets even slower after line 70. Significant performance enhancements were made to scanning and caching of scans.
24466 Unstructured Z Out: unable to proceed past the Media Counts screen Code was changed to properly handle null drawer_numbers.
22998 X-Out Reports: Incorrect sales value with refunded loyalty points Fixed X/Z-out transaction discount for loyalty refund.