Updated: May 30, 2023 1:18pm Release Notes

This document includes information related to the release of Prism.

  • Uninstall Apache 2.4.27 and install Apache 2.4.43 before installing the 1.14.7 upgrade.
  • Before installing, disable SSL certificates. Re-enable SSL certificates after the install is finished.
  • Windows 10 users must launch the Proxy using the Run as Administrator option.
  • Clear the cache before trying to log in.


  • The Prism-to-RIL profile template has several resources available that were hidden in the UI in This only affected users who first configured replication profiles in 1.14.6. Users who had previously installed Prism and configured profiles were not affected. The resources are: currency, employee, pricelevel, season, store, subsidiary, taxarea, taxcode, and usergroup
  • Print Preferences for Gift Receipts have been moved to a sub-area under the POS area. Previously Gift Receipts were in their own standalone area within Print Preferences.

No new requirements for this release. Refer to the existing system requirements listed in the Prism Getting Started Guide.

  • Regional Inventory
  • Changing Subsidiary, Store on Documents
  • Web-based Tech Toolkit
  • MySQL 8.0 support
  • Enhanced logging
  • Dynamic loading of Javascript and HTML EFT configuration files
  • Multi-proxy support for Adyen EFT
  • Caching of replication files for improved reliability
  • Touch menus workflow enhancements
  • Option to display tender screen as a separate modal (preference)
  • Change fulfilling store of customer orders
  • Reverse Slips permission
  • Change Workstation on Z-Out filter permission
  • Permissions for printing specific document types
  • Round Loyalty Points preference

Reference: See the What's New in 1.14.7.xxx topic for details on new features and enhancements.

Recommended 9.3 version is
Recommended 9.4 version is
Recommended RIL version is

Total Issues: 91

Issue ID Title Solution
ASN Vouchers    
20460 Creating an ASN voucher from a Marked for PO updates inventory incorrectly When generating ASN Vouchers from a PO with allocations to multiple stores, the user is now only able to generate a voucher for the store they are presently logged into.
19672 Data not recorded when creating customer on POS document Data is properly recorded for customer record when customer is created at POS.
19646 Customer ID changes to 0 after selecting field Customer ID no longer changes to 0 when tabbing or clicking on Customer ID field.
19801 Customer lookup not showing up any customer if it contains an apostrophe character The System is now able to perform customer lookup, and return results, with names containing apostrophes.
Customer Loyalty    
18404 Add loyalty preference setting similar to RP9 setting "Do not round threshold for earned points" to truncate loyalty point instead of rounding

When selecting a rounding method for Loyalty Points a user may now select "None". This is an integer preference. "None" is -1. When set to None, the server will truncate the number instead of rounding.

19431 Saving a customer after editing the Loyalty Balance returns "Unknown Error" Customer Loyalty points can now be adjusted manually in customer Lookup without producing "unknown error" message.
19612 Drawer balance is not shown on disbursement window The drawer balance now accurately populates the balance field in the disbursement modal.
Document Designer    
19320 Voucher field TOTALQTY always prints 0 Fixed print engine for voucher field TOTALQTY.
19321 Request to add fields to PO and voucher designs Several fields have been added to Prism Document Designer for Voucher, ASN & PO: StorePhone1, StoreName2, StoreCode, DName, CName, SName, VendorName, Aux 1-8, Lotexpirydate.
18049 Missing ability to add Tax 2 information to design We are not adding the fields to the receipts, but the fields are available for the user to add them to the designs as they see fit.
19710 Document Designer incorrectly handles passwords with special characters Special characters including (?&:#/%) are now handled correctly in passwords when logging into Document Designer
EFT - Adyen    
18772 Adyen config allows only 1 configuration per machine This release of Prism introduces the ability to configure multiple instances of the Adyen Customization to allow for multiple proxies on the same server to use the EFT Plugin.  Please refer to documentation for more details.
19674 Employees with all permissions can reverse a transfer An employee with only transfer-related permissions can now reverse a slip.
19658 User cannot select Home Store for employee beyond store number 29 using the list of store name All stores within the Subsidiary are now available for selection as home store in new employee creation.
General System    
17564 Log and report on permission override event A user is now able to enable Log Override for any permission that is set to Override.  An time an override occurs for a permission that is configured to Log Override; the date/time, the permission and both users involved will be recorded to audit_override_log table.
18914 Inactive stores are able to be assigned to workstations A user can now select from a list of active stores only when assigning a workstation to a store in the workstation edit mode.
19562 Multi subsidiary, Multi store support implementation in Prism The 1.14.7 Prism release introduces the Multi SBS/Store Location Change feature. It allows the user to create records in any SBS/Store (depending on Permissions and Store assignments) without changing the Default Workstation location as specified in Admin Console for that Workstation. For detailed implementation notes, please refer to the documentation accompanying this release.
19682 Update to the latest Apache and SSL binaries This release requires users to uninstall the old Apache 2.4.27 and install the latest Apache 2.4.43 before upgrading to Prism 1.14.7
19683 Feature - Ensure that the latest MySQL works with Prism 1.14.7 or better

This feature will ensure that the latest MySQL 8.x works with 1.14.7 and above. Prism 1.14.7 will be backward compatible with MySQL 5.7.
Prism only supports MYSQL 8 Authentication Method: legacy password encryption. Note: We are not upgrading the MySQL server installation, just supporting the newer versions or the existing version on Prism 1.14.7 and above

19737 Move tender screen into a modal

A new mode of tender has been added to Prism POS transactions. This new mode renders POS Tendering as a modal dialog on the Document page. This addition is enabled by a new preference that chooses either the new tender mode (dialog) or the old tender mode (page). The default in a new Prism installation is a page. The new mode will retain the previous tender control styles and actions.

19903 Add ability to log payloads in V2 services (similar to how they are logged in POSV1) The user may now add payloads to each log in Services > Config
20020 Add a "Custom" user to the RPS database

Retailers upgrading from Prism 1.14.6 to 1.14.7 on MySQL 5.7 databases must grant permission with the script below for the installer to create a CUSTOM user.  This is done in MySQL when logged in as Root  user:
grant create user on *.* to 'rps'@'%';
grant reload on *.* to 'rps'@'%';

20113 Prism POS becomes un responsive under some conditions when changing customer on a document Customer lookup at POS no longer causes Prism to become unresponsive.
20313 The user is now able to view the details for all price levels of an item in the Price/Cost tab within Item Details. POS receipt designs have been edited to remove duplicate tender title/header.
20458 Issue with default status filter for pending transactions in Admin Console - Transactions Default filter for pending transactions now saves as expected.
Gift Receipts    
19084 1:1 printing of gift receipts happens on former documents even when print selected is chosen Gift receipts for single items can now be printed.
19984 Gift receipt missing necessary data

Gift receipts now print from the POS Transaction.
When OPOS printer is set to Printer: OPOS Gift receipt design will be available.
When Windows printer is set to Printer: 40 Column Gift Receipt design will be available and 8.5x11 Gift receipt design will be available.

20340 Merchandise Item Details missing price level details The user is now able to view the details for all price levels of an item in the Price/Cost tab within Item Details.
20422 Inconsistent behavior that price level is not always changing correctly when changing stores in Inventory When changing back and forth between stores in Inventory > Item Details,  the correct price level for the specific store is now consistently loaded.
20512 UDF & AUX fields are mixing with locale JSON (en-us.json) for fields This problem has been corrected.
16366 Enhancement Request - Change fulfilling store of customer order in Prism The user is now able to create customer orders for another store at POS.
Physical Inventory    
18910 Request for PI to recognize scan with zero quantity Items can be scanned and then have their qty scanned changed to zero.
19700 Default design PI Discrepancy print all inventory and not only items with discrepancy

Added filter to main data set of report, to only show records with discrepancy quantities.

20075 PI Start Quantity of previous PI sheets updates to current PI Start Qty A completed PI sheet now retains start qty and is not affected by POS transactions for that item.
20105 PI Add Counts Item lookup field will not add to the item scanned or entered without manual press of "Add Count" button Pressing the Enter key now adds the entered item to the count directly.
19396 POS is left in non-intuitive state following update when using require associate selection and workstation time out when the timeout is reached when the receipt is left on the tendered screen POS is no longer left in a non-intuitive state following update. Instead, the system prompts the user to select an Associate when the user logs in to Prism after the Lock Workstation timeout expires.
19362 Transaction > Item Lookup - usually unable to enter a Doc Qty The Doc Qty field is now easier for a user to utilize.
19329 Default Filter for Pending Transactions - Setting not updating when changed Default filter for pending transactions now saves as expected.
19042 Request to increase receipt max comment field length from 60 to 255 for comment 1 and 2 Comment 1&2 fields now allow up to 255 characters.
19986 Request to make detaxed discount values available
In POS, a column has been added to Item Discount Details that shows the detaxed discount amount.
20417 Upon first click on Doc Qty, the quantity is highlighted but not editable Users can now edit Doc Qty on first click.
20419 Lookup drop downs (such as vendor code) disappear the first time when trying to type something Lookup drop-downs now eliminate items from from the drop down eliminating options that do not include the  characters entered.
20513 Prism get stuck at the loading screen if you discard a new transaction with Discard Reason Code change to disabled loading screen after document cancel
20567 Return credit card tender presents error (over tender) if the CC return amount is less than 100% of tender, on a split tender (cash/Credit Card). Credit card returns are now handled correctly.
POS - Associates    
18989 Unable to change associate on new receipt when [Edit Former Associate] is set to disallow and [Change Associate] is set to allow. Fixed permission check directive respective to "applyPermissionWhen" binding.
POS - Discounts    
19593 When you apply discount using decimal discount is not applied Discount percentages with the comma separator now apply correctly.
19592 VAT Discount + Detax shows incorrect discount In POS, a line has been added to Item Discount Details that shows how much tax is removed on the transaction for DETAX.
19044 Auto spread global discounts is not enforced when moving to the tender screen Global discounts now apply prior to tender window when auto-spread is disabled at POS.
20548 Remove promotional discounts at transaction level doesn't work as intended Transaction type promotion is  be applied as per rules/filters defined for item level and customer level filter validations now.
20630 Incorrect discount assigned to item when using manager override in Vietnam regional setting Discount amounts are now properly calculated when Discounts are adjusted by manager override.
POS - Items    
19586 doc qty does not work in advanced lookup of items unless there is more than 1 item with a QTY The uses is now able to use Doc qty field to add  1 (or more) of an item by entering the desired number in the doc qty field. The doc qty field usability has also been significantly enhanced.
19141 Prism POS Document should allow changing item tax amount

The user can now set the sales tax amount for each item on a transaction in POS.

19142 Request for on-hand quantity filter Store Qty has been added as a filter for Inventory Lookup as well as a viewable column.
19199 You can't return when "Apply to All Items" is checked When "Apply to All Items" box is checked, return becomes unavailable by design
POS - Tenders    
19086 Enter key is not  registered when changing take amount on document tender Added "Enter" key to change tender amount in the input field for all Tender Types
19597 Availability checking on documents disables tendering. (can't complete sale)

The tender button is now re-enabled after canceling out of the quantity selection modal.

20522 Charge Tender Does not function correctly User is being  prompted for not having permission for performing this action when transaction exceeds the charge limit amount.
Price Manager    
20449 Upon creation of Price Markdown at Price manager encounter an error "Unknown error occurred" User can update the markdown without any issues now. It was caused by the preference 'Save store quantities for Price/Cost memos.' in Admin Console
20162 404 Bad Request Error when Printing tags on a TO In a transfer order document, Print tags is no longer an option within the Options menu
Prism Proxy    
18927 Proxy can get permanently stuck while dealing with OPOS hardware plugins Code has been optimized to the greatest extent possible. When this locked hardware situation happens, the user must restart the Proxy, but users are warned that they have run into the hardware lock issue.
18903 Add a "Select All" option to Coupon Validations in Promotions A Parent check box has been added to Coupon code selection section of the validation rules in promo creation which allows a user to select or un-select all of the coupon codes
CR > Add option to "Add" or "Replace" promotion coupon codes when importing
When a user is importing serialized coupon codes, the system now checks for redundant coupon codes and presents a "Duplicates Found"  modal that gives the user two options:
A. Overwrite Duplicates
B. Skip Duplicates
19790 Promotion Name (General_Promo_Name) should be unique A new preference 'Do not allow duplicate promotion names'  has been implemented at Corporate and subsidiary level.
Enabling  this  preference will  not allow user to create duplicate promotion name . Entering duplicate promotion name will give user an error message and will not save your changes. This preference will ensure unique promotion name to be used when creating new promotion or editing a promotion. It will also be effective if user is copying an existing promotion. It will automatically use a unique name.
20391 Promo replacing  Cost with Price when issuing gift item from a coupon Item cost on a document is properly  populated from the cost of the item listed on the promotions.
18900 PrismMQ runs out of memory when trying to make messages for resources which contain large data

Code change during replication of UDFs server checks how many UDF values belongs to this UDF. If it is more than 500, we do not replicate these UDF values at all. This applies to UDF values assigned to customer/inventory/vendor/employee.

19113 Feature - Erlang process hits RabbitMQ high memory water mark and message publishing is stopped or Erlang crashes The failure was caused by the Erlang cookie not being visible to the Prism installer process due to 64-bit OS File System Redirection. This file is created by the RabbitMQ installer and needs to be shared by all RabbitMQ processes in order to allow authorization. The failure to copy this file was the cause of the failure to create the 'prismguest' and 'prismrs' users. By implementing a Windows call to temporarily suspend File System Redirection, the Erlang cookie was able to be copied
19533 request to change employee replication not be part of CoreResources profile so it can be replicated via filtering by subsidiary This was addressed with the Multi-Subsidiary feature. Going forward, wherever an employee list is present it will be filtered by subsidiary.
18966 Disbursement reason missing after replication Code change to fix replication of disbursement reason code. Reason code for PO and Vouchers also fixed.
19617 The conversion tool should not remove stations or profiles ECM data is preserved in the C:\Backup-ECM folder. RIL Communications Manager install as a fresh install.  As needed the desired files can be copied from the backup folder.
RP Companion    
20506 Wrong Price Amount on Companion App It is sold at the correct price.
20305 Stuck on Serial Number Lookup The user is now able to add serial numbers to SN items in Vouchers Normally
20306 Unable to update slip on full control SN item A.  The User is now able to transfer SN items normally.
B.  Serial Numbers listed in transfer Slip sucessfully transfer stores
Tech Toolkit    
17420 Feature: PrismTTKService Tech Toolkit now utilizes a Web-based UI technology. See the What's New document for more information.
19591 Refactor logging to improve readability and customer experience The work has been completed for all Prism services as well as for the Native PrismTechToolKit. PrimsProxy is not converted to use the new Logger for 1.14.7 release. Native TTK was converted only because one or more tools, such as Reconfig Host Computer will remain in the native TTK for 1.14.7 as their is no web client yet for this tool. RabbitMQ and DB services logging remains as before as this is controlled by those products not by Retail Pro.
19707 Prism Technicians Toolkit incorrectly handles passwords with special characters Special characters including (?&:#/%) are now handled correctly in passwords when logging into Tech Tool Kit.
19997 TTK: SSL manager File is not valid when using WebTTK to import certificate User must provide the full path including the file name when entering the certificate and key location.
18651 Permission to restrict ability to reverse slips There is now a Transfer-Slip/Reverse-Slip Permission in In User Group permissions that restricts a user's ability to reverse Transfer-Slips.
19476 Prism Transfer Slip allows any user to reverse an out slip even if it was received (by voucher) A permission to allow, deny, or override has been added for the reversal of transfer slips
19588 With "Require Comment on Transfer Slips" enabled and no default comment enabled, cannot update slip if comment is added after item is selected With "Require Comment on Transfer Slips" enabled and no default comment enabled, user will be able to update slip if comment is added after item is added.
19067 Transfer ASN visible at source store Limitations have been put in place for employees, so that they cannot generate Vouchers from ASNs for stores that are NOT in Employee Store Assignments.
20052 Transfer order does not allow the user to select the store slips to be generated when generating slips Added "To Store" column to Generate Slips Wizard form.
20547 Reversing Slips generated by a transfer order won't increase the Unfilled % of the TO Now reversing transfer slip correctly updates the Unfilled % on transfer order.
Vendor Invoices    
20091 Adding PO invoice number to new vendor invoice form adds it to invoice amount When using Purchase Order Lookup when creating a vendor invoice, the Purchase Order Number now automatically populates the "Purchase Order Number" field.

UDF 3 in Vendors  UDF list is a string field in Preferences but is a date field in the UI of vendors

UDF3 is no longer a date range
UDF3 is now a drop-down.
18930 Voucher subtotal and voucher total are zero after replication from RIL to Prism via day-to-day or initialization

Voucher subtotal and voucher total are showing correct values after replication from RIL to Prism via day-to-day or initialization

18950 Held vouchers created by users without permission to change cost will have a total cost of 0 when unheld by an administrator Fixed cost save issue when permission is not allowed to see the cost or edit cost.
19367 Add 'Package ID' filter to Voucher/ASN Lookup Shipping package ID is now available in search by  of the grid formats for VOUCHER/ASN Lookup defaulting to "selected"
20349 Preferences:  Check Available Qty does not work in vouchers

The system now properly checks on hand qty on (return) vouchers.

18161 Add permission to change workstation in open/close dialog The permission to modify X/Z-Out Workstation has been extended to X/Z Out Open and Close dialog.  The permission is:  'X/Z Out -Modify Workstation'.
18861 Z-Out open/close looks for reason codes Code change when new SBS is created, additional reasons are added to pref_reasons table for the new SBS that include ZOPEN & ZCLOSE
19015 Tax breakout in Prism Z-Out records incorrect percentage when different tax rates are used for one tax area. Now taxes are grouped not by tax area but by tax rate (same as in V9). So now X-Out and Z-Out will show tax breakout correctly.
Z-Out report designs should work with previously generated Z-Outs - it still be printable, but already generated Z-Outs still won't show correct tax break - there is no such info in Z-Out xml
20362 Z-Out Items Sold/Returned/Voided shows line items not quantities Items sold and returned are now shown by qty of item on Z-Out. Items voided are shown by line