Updated: May 30, 2023 1:15pm Release Notes


This topic includes information related to the release of Prism This release of Prism is a completely standalone product and marks a significant change from previous versions of Prism.

  • Before installing, disable SSL certificates. Re-enable SSL certificates after the install is finished
  • Windows 10 users: Launch the Proxy using the Run as Administrator option.
  • Clear the cache before trying to log in! This is an important requirement after installing the upgrade. Failing to clear the cache before logging in can result in unexpected results and in some cases may prevent user log in.


  • Option to apply Detax before discount or after
  • Permission to control canceling a transaction
  • Line-item discounts on purchase orders
  • Copy promotions
  • Promotions by Day of Week and Time of Day
  • Schedule deactivation, deletion of promotions
  • Create Zones when importing counts from a file
  • Additional text fields in Inventory: Text 1 to Text 10, Length, Width, Height

For more information about the new features and enhancements, see the What's New in topic.
The following list outlines key issues that have been addressed with this release. This list is not intended to reflect all possible fixes done during the given period, but those that are deemed important for review and specific to this release.

Issue ID Description Solution
Adjustment Memos    
21531 Preference for adjustment reason requirements not respected Preference for adjustment reason is respected and works correctly.
21147 Customer UDF field entries not sorting in list The Customer UDF fields now are sorted alpha-numerically.
21778 Slip table and Slip_item Table missing columns The missing columns were added to the SLIP and SLIP_ITEM tables. Corresponding changes were also made to the models and Default services
21155 rps.document shows wrong employee1_full_name The Employee1FullName now corresponds to the Employee1 SID.
Document Designer    
20813 UDFs don't print on merchandise tags Values for all UDFs are displayed properly on merchandise tags.
General System    
21987 Printer Settings do not save correctly when language is not set to English Fixed loading value for Printer Design list.
21944 Prism App and Bluetooth printer not working Code was changed to allow the printing of new transactions and former transactions in both default and portrait layouts
21932 Store Code Limit when Creating a Store in Prism The Store Code field is now accepting 3 digits on new creating or editing existing records
21429 In many cases initialization can't be canceled when it fails If an initialization is interrupted by a system restart or shutdown, it can only be cancelled, and will need to be done so at the Sending server.
21967 Applying change to whole style only applies it to one item Changes are applied to whole style based on primary item, touching only dcs sid, vendor sid and style definition fields (from Admin Console). Style SID stays the same.
21931 Qty Not adding correctly when you add 1000+ qty to style grid Fixed inventory qty value parsing, which are greater than 1,000 number or numbers with thousand separator.
21922 Qty Decimal not being set when creating style variants of an Item Added code which assign qty decimals from department for new style items.
21737 Long Description Field to be added to inventory screen and DB The Long Description field added to the "Misc" tab in Inventory and made this field available in Grid Formats.
21676 Edit Item reverts to general tab Now Tab selection is saved when switching from  item view to edit mode
21508 Sort options missing in Inventory Sort options are now working correctly.
20421 Case QTY does not update in inventory The Case qty field is now correctly updated when inventory is added
13169 Add the Inventory Fields: AUX, UDF, Texts, Length, Width and Height  to POS & Back Office operations in Prism Added Text1 - 10 , length, height, width to Inventory Lookup and Inventory Lookup (Document). They are available in the Grid Format and Inventory->Misc
Physical Inventory    
19806 When you check box for all bad scan item, it won't delete/reject all items at once Corrected function calling for removal from the list
19679 Zone PI Import should create zones When counts are imported into a Physical Inventory, any designated zines in the import file that don't exist in Prism are created and the counts designated to them are added to the appropriate zones.
Point of Sale    
21950 User cannot override if their password contains a ‘#' A user with a # in their Password can now override using the override modal
POS - Items    
21908 Units per case field is not populated on Receipts The 'Case Qty' field is now populated in the Prism GUI with the correct value. In receipt designs, the field is called "Inventory_Quantity_Per_Case" in the 'document_item' section.
21146 Price discount on detaxed VAT transaction incorrect Incidentally fixed with new detax preference apply detax before discount.
POS - Tenders    
17365 Only give cash tender option is available when store credit is used When using store credit, the user can give any form of payment that is affirmed in the current admin-console tender requirement preferences.
16647 Store Credit as Default Give Tender does not work Code changed to allow Store Credit as Default Give Tender
20612 Not able to save printer preferences when set to some languages This issue has been resolved. Print preferences are now checked for context state section rather than English title
21964 Refactor Promotions/Coupons. The UI for Promotions and Coupons has been changed to be more consistent with other areas in Prism 2.0. While the appearance and layout have changed significantly, the functionality of this feature remains the same.
21796 Can't copy promotions. Promotions can now be copied.
21924 Initial decimal doc qty added in inventory Search ( Document) rounds number to the nearest whole number The server now uses the Inventory.UseQtyDecimals value for rounding to the appropriate decimal place
14957 Would like to add a line item discount on purchase orders Columns have been added for origcost, origfccost, costdiscperc, costdisc and fccostdisc on POItem
14149 Add a store filter to pending ASN s, ASNs and purchase orders The Store Code/Number option have been added to the Search By and Show Columns sections for PO lookup and ASN/Voucher Lookup, enabling document filtering by Store
21429 Many cases initialization can't be canceled when they fail If an initialization is interrupted by a system restart or shutdown, it can only be cancelled, and will need to be done so at the Sending server
21427 Initialization fails if PrismMQ is interrupted on producer side When an Initialization is stopped producer-side by a system restart, the initialization now properly resumes  "Resume Initialization on startup" is enabled in the Replication Service WebTTK preferences
21113 Prism does not handle similar company names the same way as RIL Company Names are replicating from Prism to Prism correctly now
Time Clock    
21991 XML report date formatting is not consistent on system where the OS is installed using the local regional OS (non-US English OS). Added format setting override for Z-Out.
21925 Inactive currency denominations still appear on Z-Out Inactive denominations no longer are shown when opening/closing drawer
20732 Would like the Z-Out workstation drop down box to be grayed out when the permission "X/Z Out - Modify Workstation" is set to deny X/Z-Out workstation drop down box now checks deny permission to determine if disabled