Updated: May 30, 2023 12:52pm Release Notes


This page has information related to the release of Prism

  • Before installing, disable SSL certificates. Re-enable SSL certificates after the install is complete.
  • Windows 10 users: Launch the Proxy using the Run as Administrator option.
  • Clear the cache before trying to log in! This is an important requirement after installing the upgrade. Failing to clear the cache before logging in can result in unexpected results and in some cases may prevent user log in


  • Auto Min/Max
  • Auto PO
  • Trade Discounts
  • Default charge terms for customers


  • Advanced Inventory Search (add/edit/delete items and styles during search)
  • Streamlined Z-Out reports
  • Item Discounts on purchase orders
  • Send PI sheets to other locations
  • Import PI counts into zones
  • Customize replication processing order
  • markdown resource for replicating price markdowns
  • Pop-up message duration


  • MySQL 8.0 Required
  • Windows 11, Windows Server 2022 support

For more information about the new features, enhancements, and technical changes see the What's New in document.
The following list outlines key issues that have been addressed with this release. This list is not intended to reflect all possible fixes done during the given period, but those that are deemed important for review and specific to this release.

Issue # Description Build Found Solution
Adjustment Memos      
22679 There is no prompt when adding Full control SN/LN and Partial control SN/LN with preference being set in admin console for prompt and required All The user is now prompted to enter lot numbers and serial numbers for full control lot and serial number items on a quantity adjustment memo.
21531 "Require Adjustment reason" preference not being respected when adjustment reason preferences are defined at the Subsidiary level 199.6.129 Preference for adjustment reason is now respected and works correctly.
21130 Built-in PRISM API documentation has error displaying the AUTH formula All Fixed REST API Authentication formula image on API Documentation.

Users who sign in as Sysadmin (or a user who has the permission to flag packages as received) and create an ASN with some items, then add some Packaging IDs can't then flag them as received and as a result users are unable to flag packages as received Permission "Flag Packages as Received" is set to ALLOW, the user can flag packages as received.
When set to DENY, the user is NOT able to flag packages as received.
When set to OVERRIDE, the system provides an override credential modal in order for the packages to be flagged as received.
18265 When adding many items, the Item window appears to go blank as the system "catches up" to update the item window and these periods become longer and longer until eventually users receive an "operation timed out" error ASNs and vouchers no longer get items on initial call.
21794 After trying to add a customer that doesn't exist, the user is forced to press the button twice to enter a customer that does exist; the user should only have to press once Existed customer can be added pressing enter once after adding non-existent customer.
21304 Customer loyalty fields show incorrect loyalty information in customer lookup Loyalty amount is displaying correctly in customer lookup.
21147 When adding a Customer UDF field to a customer, the UDF field entries seem to be in random order, making it difficult to assign a value to a customer The Customer UDF fields now are sorted alpha-numerically.
20702 Add the ability to assign default charge terms to customers in Prism Added to customer record:
ChargeNetDays - integer
ChargeDiscDays - integer
ChargeDiscPerc - float (to match corresponding field of TENDER_CHARGE table).
See the What's New document for more information.
17016 Address of Bill To Customer on transaction does not default to the address marked as Primary Transaction now shows the correct address for the Bill To Customer.
23147 Last_Sold_Date not working in 2.0 The Last Sold field now shows the Accurate Last Sold date.
22971 When using the Close Order function to cancel an Order with a Deposit Balance, the Deposit refund transaction is updated with a null Tender_name field for the Give tender causing some tenders to show as null in X- and Z-Out Reports The Tender Name is now populated as "Deposit" Tender when doing an XOUT that includes a Deposit Return.
22729 An unexpected error occurred: [FireDAC][Phys][MySQL] Unknown database 'rps' when trying to print/update a receipt
This occurs when the non-sysadmin user is assigned to a group that has permissions to make sales but is denied  the Common permission on the group to Bypass Qty Checking Removed reference to 'rps' database in query 'selectItemsql' in uPackageDocument unit. This should allow the query to work with both Oracle and MySQL databases.
22319 The values for the Customer AR Flag when viewing database information in PLSQL Developer are different from the values found during testing. PLSQL Developer shows: 1-Yes, 2-No, 3-Export; however, testing shows: 0-No, 2-Yes, 3-Export The DB comment on customer.ar_flag column has been updated.
21778 SLIP and SLIP_ITEM tables are missing columns used for GST calculation, such as Tax_Area_2 column in the SLIP table and Tax_Area in the SLIP_ITEM table 199.17.268 The missing columns were added to the SLIP and SLIP_ITEM tables. Corresponding changes were also made to the models and Default services.
22713 Currency listed in distributions should only show those currencies selected in "foreign currency" in tender requirements (per 17411) but it currently displays all currencies Foreign currencies are now correctly listed in Disbursement Tenders according to the selections in Tender Requirements  - Foreign Currencies in the drop down list for Take and Give.
22103 Rounding is not applied to disbursements (Paid in or Paid) Currency is now rounding based on currency settings after entry.
Document Designer      
22246 When trying to print gift receipts with selection of items, the gift receipt would only print the first item and not the rest All selected items now printable on gift receipts.
21140 Unable to view an A4 size Document on full screen Fixed preview dialog screen to use additional width like other designs (e.g., X-Out 8x11).
21128 When printing a POS transaction, the Promotion Program Name is not printed in all situations when it should. Currently the only time Item_Detail_1_Block populates the field [DOCUMENT_ITEM."LTY_PGM_NAME"] is when is when there is an Item-Based Earn or Redemption or Item Reward (both are item level loyalty actions). Loyalty Program(s) name now populates loyalty field in POS receipts.
20813 UDF fields defined in Admin Console preferences and added to Merchandise tag designs in Doc Designer do not print Values for all UDFs are displayed properly on merchandise tags.
EFT - Adyen      
22922 Over 1 min delay on Returns when going to Tender 1.14.7, 2.0.1.x This issue has been addressed and users no longer experience a delay on returns.
General System      
23133 Admin Console is missing a menu to create/edit shipping methods The User can now create and edit shipping fees in Admin Console - Node Preferences - Transactions - Fees/Shipments. See the What's New document for more information.
22812 Global Store Code in a store record is limited to three characters; however, Global Store Codes are generally longer than three characters The limit is now 10 characters for Global Store Code.
22720 A held receipt created in portrait layout is not displaying on a proxy with default layout preventing a user from completing a held transaction that was created on a different workstation Held Transactions that are made on one proxy, can be looked up on another proxy, device, or layout at the Prism installation.
22574 Map the Vendors data from CMS schema to RPS schema. 2.1 Vendor data has been mapped from the CMS schema to the RPS schema.
22233 The fields Tax Char and Message are missing from the Tax Rules Grid in Admin Console - Node Preferences - Taxes - Tax Areas Added Char (Reference) and Message (Legend) fields to the Gird of Tax code rule and Add/Edit forms.
22145 When creating a customer order and adding a down payment, the document reference number is not available when fulfilling the order Order Ref No is being populated on transaction details screen.
22142 Portrait View not optimal for smaller mobile views when viewing Z-Out screens (other screens as well) Fixed portrait view for Z-Out reports. The bottom button bar is updated - now buttons contains just text without images.
21987 Printer settings do not save correctly when language is not set to English Fixed loading value for Printer Design list.
21944 When iPad and Printer(Epson TM-P20) are connected by Bluetooth, the user cannot print using the Prism App Code was changed to allow the printing of new transactions and former transactions in both default and portrait layouts.
21932 When creating a new store in Prism, the Store Code is limited to three characters; however, some customers use Store Codes of four characters in length The Store Code field is now accepting four digits on new or when editing existing records.
21460 Web TTK shortcut created when installing or link in UI A button for Tech Toolkit has been added to the Prism menu (displayed when the user clicks the Retail Pro button).
20830 Would like to be able to define/set the duration in which the toast errors/warning messages are displayed based on the warning/error (color) 1.14.6

"Pop-up Message Duration" has been added as a new Preference to Admin Console>Themes and Layouts.
Success Toast (green) has been given a default duration of duration of 5 seconds.
Warning Toast (yellow) has been given a default duration of duration of 5 seconds.
Error Toast (red) has been given a default duration of duration of 0.
0 is is the same as giving a duration of "until the toast is clicked on"

21555 Proxy Plugins have no way to set log level This has been addressed by adding different tabs in the Proxy configuration for each plugin available (Proxy, Adyen EFT, BSPayone EFT, Cayan Shopperdisplay, Biometrics and Hardware Plugins). Start the Proxy, then right-click on the proxy icon and select ‘Configure'.
23129 Style grid in Style View - Style Details  hangs when changing the Store selection from the drop down in systems with large amounts of styles containing a lot of elements and The user is now able to change stores while in style details without freezing up PRISM. The OH QTY for each item in the scale grid is accurately populated upon changing store.
22980 Adding items to an existing style in Style View does not apply the proper tax code forcing the user to manually enter the tax code on each item created for an already existing style The proper tax code is now applied.
21967 Applying a change to the entire style applies the change to only one item Changes are applied to whole style based on primary item, touching only dcs sid, vendor sid and style definition fields (from Admin Console). Style SID stays the same.
21931 Qty is not being adding correctly when adding quantities of one thousand or more to style grid Qty adding correctly when adding quantities of 1000 or more to a style grid.
21922 When a department is set to a certain number of quantity decimals, the correct quantity decimals value is not being set to the new style items when creating a style from an existing item Added code to assign qty decimals from department for new style items.
21737 Add Long Description Field to inventory screen and DB for storing long descriptions up to 2000 characters The Long Description field is added to the "Misc" tab in Inventory and is available in Grid Formats.
21676 If a user clicks a different tab (Price/Cost, Qty, Purchasing, UDF, Misc) and then clicks the Edit button, Prism returns to General tab  Tab selection is saved when switching from item view to edit mode.
21508 Sort options are missing from Inventory; the dropdown should display Hide Column Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Pin Left, and Pin Right Sort options in Inventory are now working correctly.
20869 UDF/AUX values are displayed incorrectly in the inventory lookup result grids; the grid shows the values only for the UDF 1-6 fields, not the Aux1-8/UDF 7-14 UDF/AUX values are displayed correctly in the inventory lookup result grid.
21421 When adding a new item to Inventory, if the user enters a Store OH Qty and a Units per Case, the Case Qty value remains at zero The Case Qty field is now correctly updated when inventory is added.
17945 When the credit  card signature prompt is displayed and the customer signs on the CED, the signature comes to Prism, but accept or reject does not make a difference; the PED has already closed the screen Doc QTY amounts are updated both in the document item lookup modal and in the document itself. If an item is added to a document that is already on said document, then the doc qty will be incremented by 1. The notable exception is that on a PO if an item is added that is already on the PO, then the user receives a toast notifying them that the item is already on the PO.
13169 Add the Inventory Fields: AUX, UDF, Texts, Length, Width and Height  to POS & Back Office operations in Prism Verified correct fields and columns in details and grid formats.
21938 Need permission to create store. A new permission called 'Create Store' has been added to the Admin Console section.
20109 Create Permission to control user's ability to work with the Fee section New Permissions:
POS - Allow Sales Fee
POS - Allow Order Fee
POS - Allow Negative Sales Fee
The first two determine if the user is allowed to put a fee amount on a POS Transaction, Sales or Order, respectively. The third permission is a natural child to the first, allowing the amount to be negative. If the Fee is being determined by a system action (i.e. Copy, Reverse, etc.), these permissions would not apply.
Physical Inventory      
22897 Import button is not available on zone PI sheets; therefore, users cannot import UPC, QTY, Count, Zone Enabled option to import into zones from the PI Sheet.
20794 When creating a new PI sheet with filters, the filters are different than the filters used in other areas of Prism The Specific Search checkbox has been removed from the PI Filter modal and the filters have been made more consistent with inventory search filters in Prism.
19806 When all bad scan items are selected, not all bad scan items are deleted/rejected at once forcing the user to reject bad scan items one at a time Corrected function calling for removal from the list.
19679 Zone PI Import should create zones (functionality lost from RP9) 1.14.6 When counts are imported, any zones that are in the import file but not in Prism are created and the counts designated to them are added to the appropriate zones.
23112 Held Transactions Cannot be seen by a workstation besides the one that created it Held Transactions  that are made on one PROXY, can now be looked up on another PROXY at the same PRISM installation.
22812 Global Store Code in a store record is limited to three characters; however, Global Store Codes are generally longer than three characters The limit is now 10 characters for Global Store Code.
22257 Advanced Item Lookup doesn't show items with customer price level Advanced item lookup now gets items with an updated price level. Before opening advanced search in POS, Prism updates the price level info from the current document.
22194 In certain conditions, a returned item selected from the central returns dialog is added to the document with a zero price, 100% item discount and discount reason set to "Central Return" 2.0 When there is a communications error during the Centrals return process, a message will now be displayed indicating the error. If there is more than one item selected for return, Prism will attempt to establish communication with the Centrals Server for each item and the message will be displayed for each failure. Prism will then exit the Returns screen.
21950 When changing a user's password, if the password contains the hash mark(#), that user is unable to do an override that should be allowed A user with a # in their Password can now override using the override modal.
21444 Ability to use Receipt Barcode in a central returns transaction Document Number can now be used to lookup a transaction using Centrals.
21146 When tax method is set to VAT and when setting an item discount of type Price on a detaxed transaction, the resulting price is incorrect. Incidentally fixed with new preference "Apply detax before discount."
20805 POS manual item tax edit issue with override behavior Each time the user goes to enter a tax amount, the override is prompted. Pressing apply no longer prompts the override.
20298 When replacing a workstation/Proxy at a store, the old proxy information will stay on the server, which can make it hard to find proxies in the proxies list; need an option to purge selected proxies Added option to inactivate proxy and the ability to filter inactive proxies. See the What's New document for details.
18925 When adding an item discounted to 100% to a return that references a receipt, an error occurs, meaning that retailers who include free items with some sales cannot return these items using a return receipt while referencing the original sales receipt Returning item discounted 100 percent now functions properly when a reference receipt is used.
17365 When store credit is used, the only Give tender available is cash When using store credit, the user can give any form of payment that is affirmed in the current admin-console tender requirement preferences.
16904 With central returns enabled, on the document line item the REF_SALE_DOC_SID is blank, but instead the CENTRAL_DOCUMENT_SID will have the original receipt SID, DOCUMENT.
REF_SALE_SID has the correct value and is not blank.
POS - Associate      
22504 When using the preference "Force Logout After Completing Transaction," the  previous associate's information remains on the document after login with a different associate Prism will now reload session info when forced log out and login occur.
POS - Items      
22584 Items with multiple images not assigning selection at POS when selected in 2.0 The Image Modal at POS lets the user scroll through the alternate images for viewing purposes. The Image Modal does not allow the user to change the image on the receipt/transaction.
21908 Units per case field is not populated on transactions The ‘Case qty' field is now populated in the Prism GUI with the correct value. I receipt designs, the field is called "Inventory_Quantity
Per_Case" in the ‘document_item' section in case someone wants to add the field to a design.
16901 Document item tax codes should be editable when creating new receipts (e.g., if a diplomat purchases certain items, the taxable status must be changed to exempt). 1.12.5 Tax code on doc item level is editable. Tax code 2 is editable if you change the tax method to sale tax multi.
POS - Order      
23141 Fulfilling a Sales order overrides any overridden tax The modified Tax amount now carries over to when fulfilling the order.
23024 Generate PO option does not work after a Special Order has been saved Purchase Orders can now be generated from a saved Special Order.
22967 Using Override Permission to close a layaway causes incorrect deposit refund give amount; as a result, users cannot use the override permission to Close an Order where a Deposit Refund is required The proper deposit refund amount now is presented to be returned to the customer when Override is used to close out an unfulfilled layaway.
22949 Editing item detail notes on a SO that was replicated down gives a "central_return_commit_state may not be edited on finalized transaction" error and preventing users from editing the notes of a SO created at a different store The user is now able to edit item notes on replicated Special Orders.
22881 When fulfilling an order, when the user clicks Fill All Due, the Qty Fill Value remains at zero. If the user then clicks ‘Fill Item Due' or ‘Fill Item Qty', the Qty Fill value will change and when the user then clicks the OK button, Prism will fulfill the full quantity due of the items in addition to the quantity specified with ‘Fill Item Due' and ‘Fill Item Qty'. The employee could misunderstand what actual amount is being fulfilled leading to over fulfillment/overcharging and confusion. When Fill All Due is selected, the Qty Fill value now accurately increases to reflect the amount to be filled.
21733 Once an order has been updated an operator should be able to use Transaction Lookup then click Edit and adjust the Price/Discount and remove items from the order as was possible in v9 Sales Orders: changes to Items (Add/Remove), Prices and discounts are now allowed after creation of sales orders, if the SO has not been fulfilled yet.
21579 Spread discount toast appears on order even with no discount (this occurs when the preference "Automatically spread order discounts" is enabled) Added new validation before raising toast message for auto spread for customer order.
POS - Tender      
22509 Cannot check transaction tenders on return transaction Tenders are now visible again on Referenced Return transactions.
17365 When Store Credit is used, the only available Give Tender is Cash When using store credit, the user can give any form of payment that is affirmed in the current admin-console tender requirement preferences.
16647 Store Credit as default Give tender does not work Code changed to allow Store Credit as default Give tender.
23177 Unclear Input Prompt: Customization Configuration (Admin Console) 2.1 Customization timeout changed from milliseconds to seconds.
23146 PO/Voucher Fee Types not saving correctly Save All and Cancel All button added to PO/Voucher Fee Types preference.
22710 Reason and Notes required on Voucher checkbox resets after logout

The Selection of "reason required" and "note required" are now saving properly.

22143 Accents on letters such as "Ó"," Ñ" or á cause the node preference to display an error (e.g., "Node Preferences:> [[prefTitle | translate}}"). 1.14.7 Node selection of stores and subsidiaries with accented characters now functions properly.
18226 Need a "None" option for slip reference document generation All

Node Preferences > Transfers > General > Upon Transfer Slip update generate: "NONE" has been added as a new option. When a transfer slip is updated, no ASN reference document is immediately generated at the site where the slip itself is created. The slip will replicate up the enterprise tree until it reaches the first installation that has authority over the destination store for the transfer. This authority will then generate an ASN and replicate the ASN down (if configured for replication) to the receiving store. At this point the ASN will replicate throughout the enterprise unless ADVANCED REPLICATION FILTERS for receiving documents are set up to prevent the replication of the ASNs to all stores.
To designate which stores a controller has authority over, navigate to WEBTTK > Controller > Store Assignments. The user may log into any WEBTTK and select one or more stores to assign to the selected server.
See the What's New document for details.

22946 Apache and Prism Stack installed on Port 8081 and print to pdf doesn't prompt to save the file Printing Receipts from 8081 Port now works for both saving PDFs and Printing with the Proxy.
22076 Printer service not working the same as it worked in 1.14.5 and earlier versions 1.14.6 Fixed print area assignment in PrintAction.service.
20821 Description1 is broken for items in Multi PO printout Fixed typo in property assignment for Multi PO printout.
20612 Not able to save printer preferences when set to some languages; previous settings are still active (dialog pops up) This issue has been resolved. Print preferences are now checked for context state section rather than English title.
23264 Promotions: Item filter does not add items when importing using the Equals option The "Equals" option no longer inhibits the adding of items from imported item lists into Promotion Validation Item filters,
23010 On a promotion that uses an item file import, some ALUs trigger the promotion while some do not When a list of items is imported into validation rules, every item on the list now triggers the promotion at POS in Prism.
23009 On promotions of type Transaction, the promotion is triggered by the item sale price instead of by the subtotal, Previously promotions that included the Sale Subtotal validation rule validated it by the transaction Sale subtotal, and those that applied a transaction discount reward based it on the Sale subtotal.  
Now, promotions that validate the Sale Subtotal use the net subtotal, which is the Sale subtotal minus the Return subtotal.
In addition, Promotions that reward by transaction percent discount and manual transaction percent discounts do so against the net amount.
22726 Promotion value on return item incorrectly handled when switching item type on document Verified that Promotion does not apply to an item that is returned without a referring receipt. Verified that price for the item is correct when changed back to a sale item per the second test case.
22696 Promotion coupon dates can be wrong, and the format is not user-friendly; users expect the times, if shown, to begin at 00:00:00 and end at 23:59:59 since retailers are more likely expecting full business days Coupon Start and End date enforcement at POS is based on the day but the Coupon Set UI has shown coupon dates with a time and in a less user-friendly format. The Start and End date format is now a more accurate date-only format.
22681 Promotion coupon UI option to generate coupon does not set dates from days issued In a coupon set, using days from issue to set start and end dates will set the dates when coupons are manually issued. Typically, POS will set a coupon's start and end dates using these days from issue values when it issues a coupon as a reward. But if a retailer wants to generate coupons, then issue them manually and use days from issue, the coupons will have dates of valid use.
21796 Can't copy promotions Users can now copy promotions.
21688 In the Validation Rules for a promotion, when defining a Customer Filter, the Customer UDF are displayed as UDFundefined instead of UDF1-10 Customer UDF fields are displaying correctly on Promotion > Validation Rules > Customer UDF.
20436 In RP9 promotion module item filter, there are up and down arrow buttons that allow users to move a filter entry up or down within the list; the Prism promotion module item filter needs the same functionality The move up and move down buttons are present and now function as designed.
19277 Add Price Level Reward on Tiered promotions Implemented discount type "Price Level Price" for Tiered and Rolling reward.
23162 "Require all specified packages for receiving" setting prevents transfer ASNs from being converted to vouchers Using the "Require all specified packages for receiving" preference no longer prevents Vouchers from being generated from Transfer-initiated ASNs.
22632 When trying to email a purchase order from Prism, the email button is grayed out on the Print screen Code was changed to address emailing purchase orders.
21924 Initial decimal Doc Qty added in inventory Search ( Document) rounds number to the nearest whole number The server now honors the Inventory. "Use Qty Decimals" value for rounding to the appropriate decimal place.
21244 When you change the Order Qty of an item which exists on the second page of the PO, the PO jumps back to page 1 forcing the user to navigate back to the desired page and find the next item to continue working PO screen doesn't jump back to previous page  when changing the Order Qty of an item which exist on the second page of the PO.
20144 Request to be able to add new Inventory items and pull these items into the PO while in the process of doing a PO

New Inventory Items can be created within Advanced Item Lookup.
Style Creation now also be done from within Advanced Item Lookup.

14957 Add a line-item discount on a purchase order   Columns have been added on POItem for:
origcost, origfccost, costdiscperc, costdisc and fccostdisc
See the What's New document for details.
14149 Add a store filter to Pending ASNs, ASNs and POs in Store Operations so that users can filter by store (defaulting to the currently assigned store) and prevent users from receiving against or modifying the wrong document The Store Code/Number options have been added to the Search By and Show Columns sections for PO lookup and ASN/Voucher Lookup, enabling document filtering by Store.
22229 If a user removes Vou Total and Vou Subtotal in Grid Formats you can still see them in Voucher/ASN Lookup Now Vou Total and Vou Subtotal columns are only shown when added to the default column list using Grid Formats.
21051 When copying and updating a voucher held is null instead of 0. 0 is the expected value for a newly updated voucher Fixed voucher held field to update with 0 instead of null.
23229 Copy receipts fail to replicate from child POA to root POA 2.1 Receipts copied at child servers now properly replicate to other installs (such as the POA) and show up in transaction lookup from both locations.
23265 Replication skips customer records when loyalty and centrals are enabled Removed custphone and custemail from the payload if they are empty.
23123 Initializing Inventory failed for items with long description longer than 1000 characters. Initializations containing items with Long Descriptions longer than 1000 characters no longer freeze initializations in Prism 2.1
22849 When trying to initialize ASN via Prism to Prism using advanced filter (vouclass,eq,2), no record is found even though there are ASN present in the database .14.7.2130, Fixed GetPrismInitFilter method on "Receiving" model.
22758 A thread pool should be available to process both offline and online messages 2.1

PrismMQProducer creates multiple threads for online and offline messages. The number of online threads is controlled by the D2DTHREADSPERSENDERCNT setting (default=5). The number of offline threads is controlled by the OFFLINE_THREADS_CNT setting (default=3).
PrismMQProducer checks for "clogged" queues every 60 seconds by default (controlled by the QUEUECHECKINTERVAL setting). A queue is clogged if the number of messages exceeds the QUEUEMESSAGELIMIIT (default=1000). PrismMQProducer also checks if queues have records that also exist in the PRODUCER_CACHE_DESTINATION and PRODUCER_CACHE_OFFLINE tables.
For each existing queue ("online" and "offline" records), a separate thread is created. Each separate thread processes the number of records specified by the PRODUCERBATCHSIZE setting (default 1000). Thus, each thread serves its own queue.

22641 PI resource missing from Prism-to-Prism replication Added direct PI export to another machine in the enterprise.
Added "Options" button in PI module bottom button bar.
"Options" dialog has two buttons - "Update Start Qty" and "Send PI Sheet"
"Send PI Sheet" dialog asks user to select destination address to export PI sheet
22360 There should be a way to change replication process order by end user 2.1

Replication process order can be changed by end user with PrismResources.ini.

PrismMQ on startup reads values from file (if exists):

Values should be under [ProcessOrder] section in format:

If the PrismResources.ini file does not exist or a value for particular resource is not present, the default process order/value is used.

IMPORTANT: Users are responsible for resource dependencies when changing order.

21429 Initialization sometimes cannot be cancelled when it fails. If an initialization is interrupted by a system restart or shutdown, it can only be cancelled, and will need to be done so at the Sending server
21427 Initialization fails if PrismMQService is interrupted on producer side When an Initialization is stopped producer-side by a system restart, the initialization now properly resumes  "Resume Initialization on startup" is set to True in the PrismMQService.ini file.
21113 Prism does not handle similar company names the same way as RIL; therefore, RIL to Prism allows what is treated as invalid data by replication (Prism-to-Prism) into Prism Company Names are replicating from Prism to Prism correctly now.


Core resources should not have all resources mandatory.   Added parameter to PrismMQService.ini file:
section: [GENERAL]
parameter REPLICATECORERESOURCES=True (default)
If set to false, PrismMQ won't produce any record in producer_cache table for core resources (except controller record). Thus, core resources won't be replicated to any subscriber.
18755 Need a way to pause D2D for deployments and outages The third column in the UI has a Pause button.
When the selected server is not paused, the button reads Pause.
When the selected server is paused, the button reads Paused at (Date of pause)
Potential concerns:
Items, departments, vendors, documents, customers, and employees created during the time where replication to other servers is Paused will not replicate normally after Unpaused.
21006 New button is grayed out in Voucher Lot No selection screen making the feature harder to use as all lots must be pre-defined prior to making a voucher New button is enabled on Voucher Lot No selection screen now.
Time Clock      
21151 Time clock employee search results sometimes revert to first names alphabetically Time clock main screen is changed with standard lookup screen.
22456 Discount buttons in new transaction are not translatable. The discount menu is now translatable.
22168 Unable to translate "Take" in tender window Give and Take can now be translated.
17105 There are some hard coded fields that client is not able to translate using the translation .json files Fixed translation issues.
23303 Z-Out close hangs on reconcile progress when you go back from reconcile screen Fixed with new Z-Out interface enhancements. See the What's New document for details.
22752 Wrong Currency label in X-Out design; in the X-Out print, Tender section , Euros are labelled as CHF instead of EUR Fixed typo in the currency label.

Unable to fix and count again a Z-Out Structured drawers can now be recounted before finalization.
22180 Please add ability to define which tenders and currencies can be reconciled in X/Z and tendered in Point Of Sale per subsidiary and/or  store 1.14.7

Currencies that are not designated for either Give or Take, will be filtered from the Z-Out available currencies.

22025 Z-Out REPORT_XML  displaying strange numbers under Deposits tag in the REPORT_XML No longer strange values being produced in Z-Out REPORT_XML
21991 XML report date formatting is not consistent on system where the OS is installed using the local regional OS (not US English OS). Added format setting override for Z-Out.
21990 Z-Out report_xml is showing exponent values in the Deposits and OverShort  tags Added rounding to PriceDecimals pref value for tender breakouts.
21925 Inactive currency denominations still appear on Z-Out Inactive denominations no longer are shown when opening/closing drawer.
21877 X-Out takes more than two minutes to complete (1 day range for one store including all cashiers Fixed wrong usage if document.
created_datetime while calculating items sold/returned/
voided for Z-Out. Replaced with invc_post_date and it is indexed so query now runs fast.
21166 Z-Out preferences "Require entry of open and close amounts" and "Count denominations" are not enforced allowing the user to bypass this when opening and closing the register Code was changed to make sure a value has been entered in either denominations count or totals count. Users will start with NULL in each field and will require a value or 0 or more to continue in the process of opening or closing a drawer.
20879 Need a finalization trigger to insure that the fiscal plugin can send the final Zout to the tax authority 1.14.7 The structured Z-Out process has been refactored to include a "Finalize & Print" button. See the What's New document for details.
20732 Z-Out workstation drop-down box should be grayed out when the permission "X/Z Out - Modify Workstation" is set to deny X/Z-Out workstation drop down box now checks deny permission to determine if disabled.
19117 In Structured Mode, denominations are doubled in the drawer close when the process reset by F5 Z-Out has been refactored to prevent denomination counts from being lost due to refresh.
18223 Request two step approval to close register Z-Out now has a finalize event (Finalize & Print) button. To access the finalize event, a user must belong to a group assigned the X/Z-Out - Finalize permission. In addition, the reconciliation screen now displays "Over" values in green and "Short" values in red (neutral color for balanced).
17987 Z-Out Workflow change. When closing a register, cashier can enter amounts and then print the z-out, then is able to go back and modify the counts. Client has requested the print button be removed and the finish button will print and update (finish). Changes have been made to the workflow of structured Z-Out reports. See the What's New in this Release document for details.