Updated: July 8, 2021 2:24pm

Chapter 8. Transaction Details

Prism 1.14.7 User's Guide Chapter 8. Transaction Details PDF

Prism 2.0 User's Guide Chapter 8. Transaction Details PDF

The Transaction Details screen provides an interface for editing key document-level information, including:

  • POS Flags
  • Reason
  • Comments
  • Fees and Fee Type
  • Ship To Customer
  • Associates and Activity Percentage
  • Price Level
  • Discount and Discount Reason
  • Tax Area
  • Notes

To access Transaction Details, touch or click the Transaction Details button on the main transaction form. Select the desired tab and view/edit information as needed. Touch or click the Save button to save changes.

The following table lists the tabs included in the Transaction Details dialog.

Tab Description
General Select POS Flags, Reason or enter Comments on the transaction. On this tab, the Store field is read-only.
Fees Fees or shipping charges For the transaction. If the transaction includes both sale and order items, you can apply separate sale and order fees. In addition, you have the option of applying tax to the fee amount.
Shipping Enter shipping amount and shipping customer information. You can search for a shipping customer. You can also add a shipping customer in Item Details. (Note: In Item Details, you can assign a Tracking Number for the shipped item.)
Associate Change or add Associates. You can add up to five associates and set an Activity Percentage for each. The total Activity Percentage for all Associates must total 100 percent.
Price Levels Change the price level on the transaction.
Discounts Apply a discount that applies to the entire transaction (with option of spreading the discount across items and quantities). If the transaction includes both sale and order items, you can apply a separate discount for each.
Taxes Change the tax area used on the transaction. If you select a different tax area, the Tax Rate (and Tax Amount) is updated.
Notes Enter notes that provide additional information about the transaction. You can enter up to three separate notes: Sale, Return, and Order.

Sample Transaction Details - General tab:

Transaction details - general tab