Updated: June 26, 2020 9:14am

Chapter 26. Transfer Verification

The Prism Transfer Verification area helps you verify that all the items and quantities transferred from a source store arrive at the target store and enables you to make corrections to the document record, if necessary.
Transfer verification helps ensure that:

  • Sent merchandise was received at the target store
  • Inventory valuations remain correct for auditing purposes

In the Transfer Verification area, match each slip with its associate voucher(s) and bring the document record into agreement, if discrepancies exist. You can verify an individual slip-voucher pair, or verify all documents using rules predefined in preferences. As part of the verification process, if there are discrepancies between an out slip and its ASN voucher, you can select how to bring the document record into agreement (by correcting/adjusting either the sending or receiving document).
This chapter includes the following topics:

About Transfer Verification

Transfer Verification Permissions

Transfer Verification Preferences

Days in Transit

Transfer Examples