Updated: May 30, 2023 1:21pm

What's New in

Color Themes
The Prism Management component, which provides a user interface for the RIL Oracle database, enables users to display toolbars and menus in any color. When you log in, you will notice that toolbars and other program elements use a default theme that is darker than in previous versions. To change the color used for toolbars and buttons, click in a blank area of the screen and select Menu Designer. In the Colors area of Menu Designer, click the dropdown arrow to select a different color for toolbars and/or button labels. Click OK to save the changes and exit Menu Designer.

Licensing for Customer Loyalty
Prism 1.14.1 includes licensing for customer loyalty, enabling retailers to create loyalty levels and programs in RIL, and then assign those programs to Prism customers.
To enable licensing for customer loyalty in RIL:

  1. Make sure you have purchased licensing for Prism loyalty via the orders.retailpro.com web site.
  2. Launch ServiceManager.exe (located in the \PrismManagement folder.
  3. Select the Licensing Service.
  4. Click the Configure button. The details for the license are displayed.
  5. Click Update License. Loyalty is now activated. Confirm that Loyalty is listed as licensed.
  6. Launch Prism Management. Navigate to Local Preferences > Point of Sale > General > Loyalty. Select the checkbox to Enable Customer Loyalty.
  7. Create loyalty levels and programs. Assign a Loyalty Level to the program.
  8. Save the changes.