Updated: December 20, 2019 2:06pm

Promotions - Item

Item Promotions apply a discount amount, percentage or a specific price to selected items. When the items specified in the Item Filter are placed on the document, they are discounted as configured.

Validation Rules
When setting up the Validation Rules, you should define an Item Filter to specify the items that, when listed on a transaction, will receive the discount. You can optionally enter the Item Subtotal that must be met.

  • Click the Coupon checkbox to define a list of coupon codes. If a customer presents one of the coupon codes at POS, the rule is validated.
  • Click the Customer checkbox to define a customer filter. If a Bill To customer that matches the entered criteria is entered on the transaction, the rule is validated.

Reward Rules
For an Item promotion, the Reward will be a discount percentage, amount, or a specific price.

Use Cases
Buy Item and receive 10% off

  1. Navigate to the Promotions area and tap or click the New button.     
  2. Enter General Details.  Select Item as the Promotion Type.    
  3. Enter Activation Details.    
  4. On the Validation Details tab, select the items to include in the promotion.    
  5. On the Reward Details tab, enter the discount that will be applied when the selected items are entered.    
  6. Click the Save button.    

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