Updated: October 17, 2019 3:28pm


Retailers using Prism on iOS devices can print using Apple AirPrint printers.

  1. Make sure the printer can be accessed on the same WiFi network that the iOS device is using. (Contact your network administrator to accomplish this.)
  2. Open the Prism iOS Launcher and login to Prism.
  3. The Launcher registers a generic "AirPrint" resource to the Prism server upon login.  In addition, if a Bluetooth printer is paired with the device, this Bluetooth printer will also be registered.  If connecting through the Prism Proxy, Windows printers will also be registered.
  4. Create a document to be printed from Prism.
  5. From the print menu, select "AirPrint".
  6. This opens Apple's AirPrint dialog box, which is built into iOS.  From there the user may select the printer from the WiFi network, and the number of copies to be printed.
  7. Once printing is complete, the AirPrint dialog box will close and control returns to Prism.

Known issues

If this is the first time the iOS device is connecting to Prism, the device will register its name as the workstation name in Prism's Administration Console.  The AirPrint resource will not be created until a second login attempt.  This is already a requirement for use of the iPod Touch, because on first login it uses the Default layout, which is the wrong layout for this device.  So the user must change the layout setting to Portrait and login again.  But for the iPad this second login is also required to register the AirPrint resource, even if no other configuration is required for the device.