Updated: September 9, 2022 7:22am Release Notes

This document contains information related to the release of Prism

Installation: Prism_1.9.5.665


  • This release includes a new version of Apache. You must uninstall the old version of Apache (2.4.12) and install the new version (2.4.25) before installing any of the Prism components for this release
  • Make sure your Retail Pro 9 system is on the latest release of your version ( or
  • Run Windows Updates. Your version of Windows must be up to date in order to install Visual C++ required by the Apache update
  • Windows 8 users must launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option
  • Restart the Proxy after installing this release
  • Clear the cache before you try to log in

Backup any Modules that use Prism Apache Server
If you have installed additional web-based applications that use the Prism Apache server, then before uninstalling the current Apache, backup the httpd.conf file from the Apache\Conf directory and backup any custom modules that are in the Apache directories. After installing the new Apache: Restore any missing modules in the Apache directories and manually apply any missing elements from the backed-up copy of the httpd.conf file to the new httpd.conf file

Required RP 9 Version for B+S Plugin (Prism 1.9.5 and later)
To use B+S with RP Prism version 1.9.5 or later requires Retail Pro 9 version For 9.30 users, a new build will be released soon that can be used with Prism 1.9.5

Enable Full Trust for Root Certificates
If you are using iOS version 10.3 or above, you may experience a problem with the Retail Pro SSL Certificate. If you get an SSL Certificate warning, you probably need to turn on the Enable Full Trust of Root Certificates option in the iOS device's Settings area. This change affects: iPhone5 and above, iPad 4th Gen and above and iPod Touch 6th Gen and above.

 Attention Chrome Users Accessing Prism
A change to SSL certificate handling in Chrome will cause Retail Pro's common name SSL certificate to report as insecure. Prism will still operate; however, a workaround is required to remove the "Insecure browser" error message. This workaround only applies to users who are on a Windows domain.
The workaround is to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla as the browser for Prism, or continue to the Prism login page by selecting ADVANCED > Proceed to [machinename](unsafe).

Instead of those workarounds, you should add the following registry key to the registry of the system on which the message is displayed. (As always we recommend that you backup your registry prior to applying any change directly to the registry)
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome] "EnableCommonNameFallbackForLocalAnchors"=dword:00000001

Fixed Issues

Issue # Description Solution
12766 Not able to sell central credit into the negative.

Users can now have central credit go into the negative by defining the amount in the Admin Console.

11595 No notice to user that Centrals is offline when attempting to do a central gift card balance check User is now presented with a toasty to inform that centrals was offline when the user attempted to check a central gift card balance and centrals is offline.
13978 Customer UDF Options Cause Apache to crash

UDF options will no longer load all together. It will default to 100 UDF fields and only make the call when the user clicks the associated dropdown.

12643 Customer UDF 6-15 not available as allowable search options in Grid Formats -> Customer Search. Customer UDF6-15 are now available in Grid Formats --> Customer Search
12228 Customer List View should display the same customer UDFs as in Form View Customer UDF/Aux fields are now visible in both List View and Form View.
12162 Customer would like a new preference to disable/enable discount on receipts without customers A  new preference called 'Require Customer for Manual Discount' in Admin Console > Preferences & Settings > Transactions > General.  This applies both to Item and Transaction discounts.
13802 On a document item, discount_reason is not getting changed when Promotions is enabled Item level Discount_Reasons are now allowed to be changed when promotions are enabled.
13700 Updated receipts with a total of 0$ have no record in the RP 9 invc_tender table. Replication from Prism to RP9 has been updated to populate receipt tendering information even when the net transaction amount is zero (0.00).  In this case, the tender type will populate as Cash tender (the same as a similar transaction in RP 9).
Document Designer    

Request to add returned item Original Receipt # ,Store and Subsidiary to document designer line item (document_item) section


Original Subsidiary Number, Original Store Number, Original Document Number are now available fields in the Document Designer to be used in the Item Detail block of a receipt design.  The fields will be populated only for return items.  For all other item types these fields will be 0.  It is recommended that once these fields are added, event code is added to hide the fields for all non-return type items.  See the Prism Document Designer documentation for details on how to make fields not visible until needed.
EFT - B+S    
13503 B+S Integration with Prism: Phase 2 This release of Retail Pro Prism includes a re-design of the B+S European EFT solution. For details, please see the 'What's New' document accompanying this release.
General System    
13641 Exception: CurrencyDenominations.xml: ORA-01722 number not valid when installing 1.8 on an OS installed with comma as the decimal delimiter When trying to install Prism versions 1.8 and 1.9 on (e.g. a French OS), several errors would prevent a successful installation. Among others, one would encounter an "Exception: CurrencyDenominations.xml: ORA-01722" error, and a "failed to find Erlang Version" error. These issues have been corrected.
13600 Need the ability to select a different print design for email Print Dialog and Print Dialog settings in Print Preferences now have a separate selection for Email Design. The Email Design dropdown can be added or removed from the Print Dialog. Please note that a Print Preview initiated from the Print Dialog will always use the Print Design selection.
12757 Store Address6 is not being replicated from Retail Pro 9 to Prism The Store_address 6 line has been added to the Prism database and the receipt schema
12677 Request for a new permission to Allow / Prevent Access to Pending Documents RA new permission for Accessing Pending Transactions is implemented. This permission has only 'Allow' and 'Deny' options.
13746 Document Item - > Discount Reason field should be editable The discount_reason field in the DOCUMENT_ITEM table is now editable on item resource.
Item Images    
13211 Add ability to NOT use images A new option "None" has been added to the "Display Merchandise Images" preference (Themes and Layouts). By setting the preferences to None, image files will not be displayed on POS documents and when viewing Inventory. None is the new default option for the Display Merchandise Images preference.
Important! When you install this release, the Display Merchandise Images preference will be set to the new default of None. You will have to go into preferences and set the preference to the desired setting (Item, Style, or Dynamic).
11885 Installation: Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package installation as a part of Prism is creating empty files on Root drive Prism no longer installs Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable.
11768 Need to update message for users attempting to install DRS on an earlier version of V9 When attempting to install DRS over any V9 version older then user gets a message prompting "Retail Pro v9 is not sufficiently current to support Prism DRS. Recommended version is or newer."
13832 Prism server installation should check the current version of Apache and prevent the server from installing if Apache is on an older version. Prism Server checks for Apache version 2.4.25 as a prerequisite for installation and displays a prompt when necessary to inform users that Apache 2.4.25 is required for this install.
11738 No Cancel Date on Orders "Ordered Date" is automatically populated with the current date when document is saved and can be edited.
"Ship Date" is null by default and can be edited.
"Cancel Date" is null by default and can be edited.
Order document can be looked up by filtering for Ordered Date, Cancel Date and Ship Date.
11739 Canceling an order only returns deposit to store credit When canceling a sales order ('Close Order'), it is now possible to select from multiple possible tenders to return deposits to a customer. Previously, it was only possible to issue a deposit refund via Store Credit.
To allow a specific tender for Deposit Refund, it will have to be enabled in Admin Console > Preferences & Settings > Transactions > Tenders > Requirements.
Note: At this time, it is not possible to enable Deposit Refund for EFT tenders.
Point of Sale    
13968 When updating a transaction, the "New" button is enabled briefly Users will be presented with a full screen loader display when updating the receipt. This will prevent the user from selecting the New button on the screen until the process is completed.
13967 When clicking the "Cancel" button, the "New" button is enabled briefly User will be presented with full screen loader display when selecting the Cancel button to cancel a transaction. This will prevent the user from selecting anything on the screen until the Cancel action is completed
13966 New can be pressed multiple times User will be presented with a full screen loader display when selecting the New button to create a new transaction. This will prevent the user from selecting anything on the screen until the new action is completed.
13750 When returning more than two items, the Return To Document would not bring user back to the new receipt screen if user require manager override to "POS - Return Item" Return item controller code has been updated to resend override credentials with each item.
Now the user will be sent back to the new receipt screen when returning multiple items and the document required manager override on the return.
13804 Return screen getting stuck Users will no longer get stuck on the return screen when returning multiple items across multiple receipts against the same original receipt.
13874 Impossible to lookup ANY updated POS transactions without items Transaction lookup can lookup documents without any items, such as an: order deposit, document with fee and no item,    store credit, document with gift card
13885 Item lookup loses focus after closing Item Details screen The focus stays in Item lookup when user exits Item Details dialog or Transaction Details dialog.
POS Customers    
13821 Transaction-level shipping-to customer could not be selected in Prism An issue has been fixed whereby selecting a customer through Customer Lookup in Transaction Details would not bring back the customer to the document
12313 Can use customer's deposit for document with no customer on it

Customer can no longer be removed from an updated order document or while fulfilling an order document

Point of Sale - Discounts    
13693 Accumulate spread of document discount leaves negative offset Sometimes the calculated allocation of a document discount to multiple items may exceed the document total by a small amount, and sometimes it could be slightly less. In the first case, as seen in this issue, the full allocation was given to the items and a small negative offset was then required to maintain the document total.
Point of Sale - Tenders    
13914 Prism is not picking the current/today exchange rate when tendering with foreign currency; instead it is picking the previous day rate An issue has been resolved whereby, under certain circumstances, Prism would use exchange rates from the previous day instead of those from the current day
13691 Set "Card Type" as Required in Admin Console. It's not possible to tender by Credit Card if you select a customer on the receipt An issue has been fixed, whereby it was impossible to take a Credit Card tender if the 'Card Type' was required AND a customer was listed on the receipt
13299 The use of prompt screen for Qty when listing an item that has Qty decimals Qty+/- buttons are now replaced by Quantity button in POS and Touch POS which toggles to allow input of a new qty. To save changes click ENTER or the Checkbox near the edit field
13069 Item price prompt comes up for each quantity of a zero priced serialized item when adding QTY with +1 QTY button User is no longer prompted for price more than once for zero price serial number item
12321 Returns window works awkwardly, other transactions can be selected but can't see items On the return receipt lookup screen, once an item is selected for return, other receipts may not be selected unless all items are unflagged
12314 Receipt with only voided item(s) does not print Item headers - Receipt Design Sales receipt designs now support receipts with only voided items. Item headers will only print when the total line count is greater than zero. If there are no line items then item headers will not be printed
Point of Sale - Item Lookup    
13748 A request to have Price+VAT visible when searching for items during receipt in Item Lookup The item's Price (price+tax in VAT environment) has been added to the item lookup screen
12377 Item Lookup. Sort by UPC sorts UPCs as if they were text values UPCs are now sorted numerically
8243 Need to add "Item details" button to Advanced Item lookup screen Item Details button added to the Advance Item Lookup dialog
Portrait Layout    
12720 Portrait Layouts - POS: Portrait Layouts are not adapted to open register A limited Z-Out option has been added to Portrait Layout. This allows an iOS device using Portrait Layout to open and close a register in Z-Out. Note that this Z-Out option is only for Portrait Layout at this time
12534 Portrait Layouts - POS: Unable to unhold an held transaction Code changed to correct the Hold and Unhold logic. Now user is able to "Unhold" transactions on iOS devices using Portrait Layout
12533 Portrait Layouts - POS: Unable to return item with Reason required check Users are now able to return items when the "Require Reason" preference is enabled
12531 Portrait Layouts - POS: Unable to go back from Customer Lookup search using the BACK button This condition was not reproducible in the current Prism build. The back button was functional in customer lookup
12363 Portrait Layouts - Not showing associates when going to Item details Associates are now properly listed in Portrait Layout item details
12362 Portrait Layouts - Selecting Filter for original receipt when returning an item will bring receipts with created date=Never Created dates are now displayed on original receipts when returning an item
12361 Portrait Layouts - Select Filter for original receipt when returning an item doesn't work Filtering for an original receipt on a returned item now displays the correct number of receipts.
12365 Portrait Layouts - blank screen when going to portrait layout filtering pending transactions This condition was not reproducible in the current Prism build. Received "No Records Found" message as expected
12364 Portrait Layouts - Not showing OH  when going to Item details On hand quantities are now displayed in Portrait Layout item details
13673 Unable to use advance item lookup while using Portrait Layout mode Advanced Item Lookup is now available in Portrait Layout mode
13627 OPOS Printing - Prism requires an option to choose print designs for OPOS printer or for non-OPOS printers Prism printing dialog only displays designs that are appropriate for the selected printer/printer type. If a user chooses an OPOS printer they will see only OPOS designs, a non-OPOS printer, non-OPOS designs
1954 OPOS support for printers - Phase 1 Prism now supports OPOS printing
13694 Workstation printer settings Do not save in some situations A sorting error was caused when Proxy compared local system printer names to Prism server printer names. Specifically those with redirected instances. If the lists were not in the same sequence proxy incorrectly deletes and reposts one or more printers causing printer type properties to be erased.
This has been corrected. Workstation printer settings are now retained
13051 Coupon-based transaction discount is not spreading when the preference "Manually Apply Promotions when Tendered" is selected Code was corrected to allow the proper spreading of discounts from promotions
13049 Disable the "Apply" conditions for Tiered Promotions Code was changed to prevent Tiered promotions from using the Unlimited and Count settings.
12911 No confirmation box after deleting promos and broadcasting Code was changed to allow the user to see how many promotions are activated, inactivated, deleted and broadcast from the promotion module.
12910 Unable to select multiple promos for mass deactivation or deletion Multiple Promos can be selected for activate/deactivate or deletion. Only inactivate promos can be deleted
11331 PROMOTIONS: Boolean operators (double quotes and asterisks) don't work in validation rules item filter Code was changed for when you don't put anything for filter criteria for "equal" it would consider null value. "Not equal" with empty criteria means not null value
11315 Promotions: When using "D Code" as validation rules, only "D Name" values are working. Labels in Promotions were corrected from Code to Name for filtering
14016 Ability to remove Promotion coupon is tied to permission "POS - Remove item line from POS document" Code was corrected to remove a permission from Promotions that should not have been associated with it
12159 Need to update fields on the tax rules section for taxes in Admin Console preferences The tax rules section of Admin Console has been changed to display Rule Name, Tax Code, and VAT Margin check box
Touch POS    
13799 Unable to print or copy a receipt when viewing that receipt in Touch POS The ability to print a former receipt when viewed in Touch POS is now possible. Currently the copy functionality has yet to be implemented into Prism. The copy button is disabled at this time
13748 Touch POS: Last item scan is out of focus on Touch POS Previously the last item scanned on a touch menu screen would display without its item discount. New code update now prevents this from happening. Now all items entered will be properly displayed
13722 Touch POS: Using Touch POS items after each scan or selection the focus (cursor) should go back to Item Lookup field Item entry cursor in Touch POS now remains in the Item field during all entry methods, POS buttons and barcode scanning
13672 When Print Preferences are set to Preview for X-Out and Z-Out, reports will not print or preview Default actions for X-Out and Z-Out Print and Preview are now functioning correctly
12722 Unable to reconcile a return non currency tender via Z-Out Users are now able to add non-currency tenders to a Z-Out report with a negative value
12298 Please add EFT Card Type to non-currency screen when closing the register Card Type column has been added to Credit Card Non Currency - Taken screen on Z-Out reports