Updated: May 30, 2023 1:21pm Release Notes


This document includes information related to the release of Prism.

  • Windows 10 users must launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option
  • Clear the cache before you try to log in
  • By default, the RIL Oracle database is installed to the C:\ drive. The installer does not automatically select the drive with the largest available amount of disk space.

Technical/Architecture Changes

  • No technical or architectural changes for this release.

System Requirements

New Features
Licensing for Customer Loyalty:  Enables users to update RIL licensing in order to create loyalty levels and loyalty programs in RIL.
The Prism Management component of the Retail Pro Integration Layer (RIL) now enables users to change the color theme of toolbars and button labels.
Known Issues
If you are using Transfer Verification in RIL, recent changes in Transfer Verification in the latest versions of both RIL mean that in-transit quantities are currently not being tracked for transfers initiated in Prism. After you verify the transfer in RIL, the correct store and CMP quantities will be displayed.

Until transfer verification has been implemented in Prism (in the 1.14.5 release):

With the setting in V9 or RIL to Auto-Verify Vouchers for intra-company transfers: You can create transfer slips in V9 or RIL OR Prism without issues

With the setting in V9 or RIL to generate ASNs for Intra-Company transfers:

  • IF you handle all aspects of transfers ONLY in RIL , you can do so without issues.
  • IF you Create certain Transfer documents in Prism and some transfer documents in RIL, you are strongly advised to run the function to ‘Recalc in transit' (RIL Tech Toolkit > Data Maintenance > Miscellaneous) at least once a day, to ensure that all quantities are correct.

The following list outlines key issues that have been addressed with this release. This list is not intended to reflect all possible fixes done during the given period, but those that are deemed important for review and specific to this release.

Issue ID Description Solution
18151 RIL: Cannot reinstall RIL Prism Management over the top to add additional tasks Code was changed to properly handle the usermenu.ini file during the Prism management install.
18295 Number of subsidiaries can exceed licensing Issues with licensing have been corrected.