Updated: October 18, 2019 8:49am Release Notes


  • Windows 10 users must launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option
  • Restart the Proxy after installing this release
  • Clear the cache before you try to log in


This release is a general maintenance release for Retail Pro Prism. It contains general enhancements and performance improvements, with specific focus on the Retail Pro Prism replication processes. As with previous maintenance releases, this also includes previously released bug fixes from previous general Update Release Cycles (URCs) and Client Controlled Releases (CCUs).



  • No new requirements for this release. Refer to the standard Prism system requirements listed in the RP Prism Getting Started Guide.

DTID #16403  |  Apache  An issue with Apache crashing due to a security session deadlock has been fixed.  
DTID #16265  |  Document Designer  A change was made to Cayan EFT Decline receipts to ensure that the appropriate fields are being displayed.
DTID #16232  |  EFT - Cayan  Transactions sent to a Genius device and then canceled in Prism were returning a blank ‘Transactiondate' from the Genius device, which sometimes causes problems in Prism for subsequent Genius transactions. Now the Proxy will fill in the current date before passing the transaction back to Prism.
DTID #16080  |  Initialization  Launching Prism via the Proxy after a 1.12 install provides the error "Proxy is unable to connect to server :443. Please select a valid server."
DTID #16183  |  Inventory  Central gift card expiration was not being saved. The issue has been fixed and central gift card expiration information is now saved.
DTID #16291  |  iOS  Users can now return an item in Portrait Layout on iOS devices.
DTID #16390  |  POS  Customer-based price level is now correctly applied to items pre-existing on the document.
DTID #16333  |  POS  Manual and scanned wildcard searches are now using the same code and working correctly.
DTID #16319  |  POS  UPC padding added to item lookup and freeze no longer occurs.
DTID #16178  |  POS Discounts  To ensure overrides of employee discounts work correctly, a new preference has been added to the Admin Console under Node Preferences > Transactions > Discounts > General: "Enable Employee Maximum Discount Override".
DTID #16367  |  Promotions  Problem with receipt message duplication has been fixed.
DTID #16378  |  Promotions  Memory leak was fixed by removing object and open cursor when updating document item note fields.
DTID #16381  |  Promotions  Promotion filter elements are now properly loaded so that promos are applied to correct items.
DTID #16389  |  Replication  Initialization no longer gets stuck on the first resource when the first resource in the list has zero items (no messages to transmit).
DTID #16406  |  Replication  Problems with canceling batches are now fixed.
DTID #16264  |  Replication  Users can now create or edit new RIL to Prism Initialization profiles.
DTID #16273  |  Replication  Info 1 data is now replicated to RIL and the legacy RIL promotion data from Prism was removed so it no longer conflicts with the RIL Prism Management promotions module.
DTID #16180  |  Replication  Global filtering for replication profile filters for subsidiaries and messages is now working and messages will not be sent for unfiltered resources.
DTID #16271  |  Transfer Slips  Global subsidiary is now honored correctly on transfer slips.