Updated: November 28, 2023 1:50pm

Chapter 13. Promotions

Prism 1.14.7 User's Guide Chapter 13. Promotions (PDF)

Prism 2.2 User's Guide Chapter 13. Promotions (PDF)

The Prism Promotions module is a powerful discounting tool that can create an almost unlimited variety of promotions. You can create the promotions at a central location and then broadcast the promotions to other stores in the enterprise. When creating a new promotion, you start by selecting a type. The type serves as a type of template that is customized for that type of promotion. The following table lists each of the primary promotion template types:

Promotion Types
Each promotion is assigned a template. The template indicates the type of promotion. Based on the user's selection, the user interface is customized to make it easier to create that specific type of promotion.
The following table lists each of the primary promotion template types:

Template Type Description
Item Applies a discount amount, percentage, or a specific price to items.
Quantity Applies a discount amount, percentage, or a specific price to items that meet the filter criteria are listed at the specified quantity.
Tiered Applies a discount based on purchase quantity of eligible items. Typically, the more purchased, the greater the discount applied.
Rolling Like a tiered promotion, except based on the quantity purchased.
Pack Assigns a specific price to a group of items.
BOGO Applies a discount to one or more units of the items specified in the Reward Rules.
Transaction Applies a discount amount or percentage to the transaction subtotal.
Coupon Rewards a customer with one or more coupon codes.
Gift Item Uses a special "gift voucher tender" that is handled by a custom plugin. Sets the gift item's discount % to 100, making it a free item. When the gift item promotion is validated, the reward item specified by the promotion is added to the transaction.
Custom All options are available.

At POS, promotions only work with Item Type of Sale; promotions do not work with Item Type of Order.
Create Promotions at HQ (or Designated Central Location) and Broadcast to Stores
The Promotions list is created and managed at the headquarters location. The headquarters location then broadcasts the list to stores. Important! When you broadcast promotions, Promotions will be overwritten at the locations that receive the broadcast. The actual promotions that can be used at each individual store will be limited to those promotions assigned to each store or to "All Stores."
Currently, any location can broadcast Promotions simply by clicking the Broadcast button on the interface.; however, you should only broadcast Promotions from the HQ server down to the child POAs and stores. If stores broadcast promotions back up to the POA, then there is a chance that promotions priority can be duplicated at locations across the enterprise, leading to unexpected results.
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