Updated: September 8, 2022 8:07am

Z-Out Audit

The Z-Out Audit feature enables retailers to monitor sales activity via a Z-Out report without going through the reconciliation process.  This gives the retailer an even greater level of insight into sales activity enabling the retailer to flag any abnormalities more quickly.
This gives the retailer visibility to the overage or shortage for that one isolated Z-Out Open and Z-Out Close while still being able to roll up all the Z-Outs at the end of the day.
The Z-Out Audit feature is only available in Structured Z-Out mode.
When using the Z-Out Audit feature, the user goes through a process like the normal Z-Out Close process minus the reconciliation step.
To use Z-Out Audits, you must enable the Enable Structured Z-Out Audit option in Node Preferences > Reporting > X/Z-Out. When "Enable Structured Z-Out Audit" is selected, the menu in Z-Out reports has a Z-Out Audit button (in addition to the regular Structured Z-Out buttons for Open Register and Close Register).
Basic Flow for Audit Register

  1. Navigate to Point of Sale > X/Z-Out. Click the Z-Out button.
  2. Search for the report if needed. From the search results, select the report and click Close/Audit.
    Z-Out Lookup with Close/Audit button enabled
  3. The workflow is the almost the same as for a regular Z-Out close register action. On the next screen, enter the amount of currency in the drawer as either a total amount or amounts for each denomination.
    Z-Out Audit report, enter open currency count
  4. Click Next. Match non-currency media (e.g., credit cards, gift cards, gift certificates).
    Non-currency screen with audit button
  5. On the bottom menu, users will see an Audit button. Click Audit to create an audit record.

Click the Print to print the audit report or Exit to close the report.
Z-Out Audit report, final screen with Print and Exit
Z-Out Audit Notes

  • Audits are only available for systems using Structured Z-Out reports
  • Audits may be performed for open drawers only (not closed drawers)
  • Audits reconcile register balances
  • Audits do not close Z-Out registers
  • "Total Over/Short" values will be calculated for the drawer period. Calculated from the register open counts.
  • "Audit Over/Short" values will be calculated for the audit period. Calculated from the most recent audit counts. If no previous audits exist, calculated from the register open counts.
  • Running Z-Out Close will calculate a final "Audit Over/Short" amount.

Z-Out Audit Security
You can control employee access to the Z-Out Audit feature using the following security permissions:

Permission Description
X/Z-Out - Audit Register Determines if a user can run a register audit. If set to DENY, the option to "Audit Register" will be hidden from the UI. Override should be supported.
X/Z-Out - Access Former Audits Determines if a user has the ability to access former register audits. This permission can be a functional "child" to Access Former Z-Out. If granted entry to Former Z-Outs, this permission will control whether Audits are returned by query. Override does not need to be supported

Audit Reports in Z-Out Lookup
You can view and print Z-Out Audit reports in Z-Out Lookup.
Navigate to Point of Sale > X/Z-Out > Z-Out Lookup. There is an Audit button on Z-Out Lookup UI.

zout audit list
Select the report and click Audits. A modal shows any audits and the over/short amount.
To print an audit, select an audit report and click Print. Click Close when finished.

zout lookup audits