Updated: October 1, 2020 7:48am

Fulfill Order

When a customer is ready to receive the merchandise, fulfill the order. When fulfilling an order, you can fill any or all remaining items. When you fulfill an order, a new sales transaction linked to the original order is created so the customer can pay the balance for the items being filled.
Use Transaction Lookup to find and display the transaction you want to fulfill.
Click the Order Details button. Click Fulfill Order.  
order details menu

Select a fill option:
Fill All Due: Fills the Due Quantity for all order items on the transaction
Fill Item Due: Fills the selected item's remaining due quantity
Fill Item Qty: Fills a specified quantity for the selected item.  
Fulfill order

If you selected Fill Item Qty, enter the quantity to be filled and then click OK.
Click OK to close the Fulfill Order dialog.
Click Tender Transaction.If a deposit is available, a prompt is displayed. Click Yes to use the deposit. 
order deposit availableClick the Take button to tender the deposit. Take additional tenders, if necessary and Print/Update.    

Deposit Available when Fulfilling Order
When you fulfill an order and click the Tender Transaction button, if a deposit has been taken, a prompt will show the deposit amount available. Click Yes to use the available deposit. Click No if the deposit will be used later (when fulfilling any remaining items).
Global Discounts on Orders
Currently there is no way to bring a transaction discount to the fulfilling document when fulfilling an order (send-sale or regular order fulfillment). There are two workarounds for send-sale: DO NOT enter global discounts on send-sale orders (unless they spread the global discount to the items manually), or turn on auto-spreading of order global discounts in Preferences.