Updated: September 19, 2022 7:57am

Edit Orders

  1. Use Transaction Lookup to find and select the transaction you want to edit.    
  2. Touch or click the Edit button.    
  3. Tap/click the Order Details button. Make any needed changes and then save the document or tap/click the Order Details button. Make any needed changes to the order and then save the document or tender the transaction.   

When editing orders, users can:

  • Add or remove item quantities
  • Apply discounts
  • Change price information for items or the transaction
  • Add Tracking information to any item
  • Take additional deposits (in the event a new item is added to the order and the customer wants to pay a deposit towards this.)
  • Change shipping information

User cannot:

  • Add or remove items
  • Discount items greater than the line item max discount or customer max discount limit allows
  • No Sale/Return/Send/Sale can have Price, Cost or Qty information updated (No financial affecting details on these items can be modified on a former transaction)
  • Spread Fee can only be done if all items on the transaction are order items and no fulfillment has been done.

Refunding Deposit while Keeping Order Open
Retailers can refund an order deposit while keeping the order open. A deposit refund is entered as a negative number on the deposit dialog. Therefore, to refund an order deposit while keeping the order open, the employee must belong to a group that has the "POS - Allow Negative Order Deposits" security permission. Note: The amount of the deposit refund cannot exceed the deposit balance on the order.  

Edit Order Quantity
You can change the order quantity of unfilled items on an order. Items cannot be removed from an order but by changing the item quantity to zero, a user will "void" an order item.
Display the order using Transaction Lookup.
Click Edit.
Select or highlight the desired item and click the Quantity button.
Type the desired quantity and click the check mark.
Click Save.