Updated: July 14, 2021 8:54am

Fees and Shipping on Orders

Order fees and shipping charges are typically applied at the transaction level. When you display the Transaction Details dialog, you will notice that there are separate areas for Sales and Order Fees and Sales and Order Shipping. Be sure to enter any fees or shipping charges for order items in the Order Fee or Order Shipping area, not in the Sales Fee or Sales Shipping area.
When fulfilling the order, if it is a partial fulfillment, the user has the option of applying fees/shipping in a proportional manner.

options for proportional shipping and fee when fulfilling order
Enter a shipping or handling fee
At the document level, you can enter an Order Fee and select an Order Fee Type. The Fee Types available for selection are defined in Admin Console > Node Preferences > Transactions > Fees/Shipping.

To enter a fee:
1.    With the order in displayed in Edit mode, touch or click the Transaction Details button.    
2.    Select the Fees tab.    
3.    In the Order Fees area, enter a Fee Amount and select a Fee Type.    
4.    Touch or click the OK button.    

transaction details, fees tab

To enter shipping:

  1. With the order in displayed in Edit mode, touch or click the Transaction Details button.    
  2. Select the Shipping tab.    
  3. In the Order Shipping area, enter a Shipping Amount and select a Shipping Method.
  4. (Optional) Enter a Tracking Number, if available. If not available, you can edit the transaction later, after the Tracking Number has been assigned by the carrier.    
  5. Touch or click the OK button to return to the transaction.    
  6. Complete the rest of the transaction and print/update.    

Applying Shipping when Fulfilling an Order

  1. Use Transaction Lookup to find and display the order.    
  2. Touch or click the Order Details button.    
  3. Select the Fulfill Order button.    
  4. If multiple quantities were ordered and there is a shipping amount, select how the shipping should be applied: Proportional, Remaining, or None.    
  5. Select a fill option: Fill Item Qty, Fill Item Due, or Fill All Due.    
  6. If you selected Fill Item Qty, a dialog for selecting the quantity to fulfill is displayed. Enter the Quantity to be fulfilled and then touch or click OK.    
  7. Touch or click the OK button on the Order Fulfillment screen.        
  8. Touch or click the Tender Transaction button and take payment. (If a deposit was taken, a prompt to use the deposit is displayed.)   

Enter Carrier Tracking Number
On the Shipping tab of the Item Details screen, you can enter the name of the carrier transporting the merchandise and a tracking number.

  1. With the order in edit mode, select an order item and touch or click the Item Details button.    
  2. Select the Shipping tab.     
  3. In the Order area, enter the Tracking #.    
  4. Touch or click the OK button.