Updated: October 18, 2019 8:26am

Alternate (Multi) Vendor Info (Alt UPC, Alt ALU, Alt Cost)

Prism and the Retail Pro Integration Layer (RIL) allow retailers to use Alternate Vendors when the same item is available from different vendors. Alternate Vendor information is defined in RIL Prism Management Inventory in the Vendors table. For each alternate vendor listed in the table, you can define the UPC or ALU as well as the item Cost. The primary vendor's identifiers are placed in the regular UPC and ALU fields. The UPCs and ALUs used by other vendors are stored in the Alternate UPC and Alternate ALU fields.
In Prism Preferences, you can select to look up items by Alternate UPC or Alternate ALU (Admin Console > Preferences & Settings > Transactions > General ). By including the Alt ALU and Alt UPC in the lookup fields, retailers can more easily find and list these items on transactions. Select the checkbox for "Search Alternate Vendor UPC/ALU". If enabled, when looking up the item at POS, Altenate UPC and/or Alternate ALU values will be considered. Note: This setting only works when typing/scanning item identifier. The lookup by Alternate UP/Alternate ALU does not work for Advanced Item Lookup. (Note: In Prism, you can lookup items by alternate UPC/ALU; however, you cannot view alternate vendor information. To view alternate vendor information, you must go into the Vendors table in RIL Prism Management Inventory.)

Preferences & Settings > Transactions > General

Alternate UPC, ALU lookup preference