Updated: September 15, 2020 9:36am

Customers on Transactions

You can enter two customers on a transaction: a Bill To Customer (the customer paying) and a Ship To Customer (customer to whom the merchandise will be shipped). Some retailers do not use customers on transactions; some retailers only use a Bill To customer; and some use both. Entering customer information on a transaction enables you to correlate transaction data with your customers so you can better plan sales and marketing campaigns.
With most Prism layouts, you will only see a field for entering Bill To Customer information. The exception is the Standard Shipping Layout, which includes fields for entering both a Bill To and Ship To customer.

To enter the Bill To customer, begin typing the customer's first name or last name and then press the key:

  • If a single match is found, the customer is entered on the transaction
  • If multiple matches are found, a drop-down list of matching records is displayed. Click the desired record.
  • If no customers match the entered criteria, click Create Customer to create a new customer record.

When entering a customer on a transaction, you can look up the customer by any one of a number of different filter elements. By default, fields are displayed for entering the customer's First Name and/or Last Name. These fields correspond to the "Full Name" selection in the drop-down for selecting filter elements. If you want to look up a customer using a different filter element, click the drop-down arrow.
Customer lookup criteria on transaction

Multiple Matches Found
If multiple matches are found, a list of the matches will be displayed. Click or tap the desired customer in the list to enter the customer on the transaction.

Multiple customers returned in search

View Customer Details
Click the Details button to view the customer record.  This makes it easy to update the customer's contact information, if necessary. To navigate back to the transaction from the customer record, click  the Cancel button.

Cust details action buttons

Remove a Customer
To remove the Bill To customer from a transaction, touch or click the Remove button near the customer name.
Remove customer button

Customer History
If the customer wants to return or exchange an item, you can list the customer and then click the History button. Search for the transaction and then view the transaction, return the item. If you just want to view history, click the Cancel button to return to the transaction.

Changing Tax Area when Removing Customer
If the transaction was using the customer's price level and/or tax area, a prompt is display asking if the user would like to restore the default settings.

Quick Customer Creation
If you are unable to find the customer because the customer is not yet in the database, use the Quick Customer feature to quickly create a new basic record and enter the customer on the transaction.

  1. At the bottom of the list of displayed search results, touch or click the Quick Customer button.    
  2. Enter the customer's information in the appropriate fields. If Titles are defined in RP9, you can select a title (Mr., Mrs., Ms, etc.) from the drop-down. You can select a "Type" for the address, phone and email that you enter. Required: First Name and Last Name    
  3. Click the Save button.   
    Quick Customer modal displayed when user click New button under the customer lookup area
    quick customer modal

 Changing Lookup Criteria
By default, the Customer Search dialog displays the First Name and Last Name fields.
If you need to use different look up criteria, touch or click the down arrow. A list of available customer lookup fields is displayed. Select the desired field. The text entry fields changes to the selection.
(Note: If you select the Full Name field, then the display will show the defaults of First Name and Last Name.)

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Mark
  • Info
  • Full Name
  • Company

Changing the Shipping Customer
To enter the Ship To Customer fields on any of the "simple" layouts, go into Item Details and select the Shipping tab; details for entering a Ship To Customer are provided later in this section. If using the "Standard Shipping" layout, a separate lookup field for entering a shipping customer is available on the main transaction form. If not using the Standard Shipping Layout, users can enter a shipping customer on the Shipping tab of the Item Details dialog.

  1. Start a new transaction. List the Bill To Customer and list the item(s) being purchased.    
  2. Select the item being shipped and then touch or click the Details button.    
  3. Touch or click the Shipping tab. Navigate to the Ship To Customer area.    
  4. To look up a customer in the database, touch or click the Customer Lookup button. The customer's primary address will be used.    
  5. If the person receiving the shipment is not in the database, touch or click the Shipping Address button. Enter the address information and then touch or click OK.    
  6. Tender the transaction.    

Item Details - Shipping - Ship To Customer

Item details shipping customer