Updated: September 11, 2019 2:39pm


Margin is the difference between Price and Cost. Margin can be expressed in three different ways:

  • Margin %
  • Markup %
  • Coefficient

A change made to price, cost, or margin always causes a change to one of the other values. If you edit cost or price, the Margin %, MarkUp %, and Coefficient will change.  If you edit the Margin %, MarkUp %, or Coefficient, the Price or Cost will change.
You can view an item's Margin Percent and Amount by viewing the item's record and clicking the Price/Cost button.

Inventory Margin fields
Inventory margin

Editing Margin
In Prism Node Preferences > Merchandise > Inventory > General, you can choose whether changes to margin affect price or cost. Note: When using sales tax, you typically want changes in margin to affect an item's cost; when using VAT, you typically want changes in margin to affect an item's price.

Margin Type Description
Margin % Margin percentage. The cost as a percentage of the price.
Markup % The percentage difference between the cost and the price.
Coefficient The Price as a percentage of the cost.

Sample Margin Values

Coefficient Markup % Margin %
0 -100 -100
1 0 0
2 100 50
3 200 66.67
4 300 75